Upko: Green MyKad a new stress on the people

arthur-sen-bKota Kinabalu: The re-issuance of the green MyKad to “stateless” people in Sabah is putting new stress on local people in the State, said Upko Youth chief Arthur Sen.

“We in Upko Youth are questioning the rationale behind the National Registration Department’s decision to reactivate the issuance of the green MyKad, which had been frozen since 2004,” he said.

He claimed the exercise will only benefit foreigners who were born in Sabah and who had been issued birth certificates without citizenship.

According to information received, he said the green MyKad is only valid for five years and asked what will happen to the temporary citizenship status of these green MyKad holders and their children after that period was over.

“There is a big possibility that these green MyKad holders will one day become permanent residents and then qualify themselves or their subsequent generation to obtain the blue MyKad as citizens É in the long run it would change the population demography of Sabah,” he said.

This must be prevented from now by stopping the NRD exercise, he stressed. “Another negative effect will be that the green MyKad holders will compete against the genuine locals in economic activities É this is already happening now, and what more when they already get the green MyKad,” he said.

Also in terms of access to public facilities, he said the local people will also be forced to compete with the immigrants like for medical treatment and wards at the public hospitals, recreational parks and so on.

“All these are saddening. Government agencies like the NRD need to be more attentive to the feelings and political sentiments of the genuine locals in Sabah,” he said.

22 November, 2008- Daily Express


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