Another U-turn: Ban on ‘Allah’ in Christian publications remains

allah-godlilian on February 28th, 2009
This is the type of news that make you go…What the …………. According to Malaysiakini, the ban on the use of the term ‘Allah’ is enforced again.

According to Bernama, Syed Hamid said the government’s decision to ban the use of the word ‘Allah’ in Catholic weekly, The Herald, remained in force until the court decided otherwise.

“There is a judicial review on the matter and we leave it to the court to decide. I think there was a mistake in enacting the gazette. When we made a mistake I must admit that there is a need look at it thoroughly,” said the home minister.

“As there was a mistake… so it is better we make a correction.”

Well, let’s see how the drama unfolds ….. I am tired of repeating anything. What I can say is a fickle government makes the citizens lose confidence in their capability. They are doing it so often, implementing something one day, pull back the decision the next, it makes me wonder if they are some kids with burok siku or kids who have no mind of their own except to sway where the wind blows.


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