Kanak kanak bawah umur dimasukkan Islam tanpa kebenaran bapa.

heraldConversion of minor unconstitutional



The Negeri Sembilan State Islamic Affairs Department has allowed a 15 month old girl, Hoo Joey, to convert without the consent of her father Hoo Ying Soon. The Syariah court gave interim custody of Hoo Joey to Chew Yin No/Siti Z,ubaidah Chew Abdullah. MCA spokesperson Gan Ping Sieu expressed regret that some people have taken advantage of the Syariah legal process to the detriment of the aggrieved spouse and his family members. In a statement released on Mar 6, “The child in question is born pursuant to a civil marriage contracted under the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act (LRA) 1976. Therefore, the custody of the child must be determined by the civil courts. “At the controversial Federal court case on the custody battle between Subashini and her husband Saravanan/Mohd Shafi Abdullah, the Federal court judges unanimously ruled that those who contracted civil marriages are bound by the LRA in respect of divorce and custody of the children of the marriage. Thus the civil court continues to have jurisdiction over Chew Yin No/Siti Chew Abdullah.


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