Al Jazeera lets rip into CMS’ role in Sarawak

Hi folks, did you see the Al Jazeera focus on Sarawak over its 101East programme just now? And how they highlighted the 12-dams overkill in Sarawak.

The programme  spotlighted the role of Taib Mahmud’s family owned company, CMS.  It also interviewed the CEO of Sarawak Electricity, who is Taib’s brother-in-law.

It was fun to watch Fauziah, the interviewer, roasting James Masing with a smile on her face.  Did you notice James making some vain attempts to adjust his tie when the going got a little too hot?

Fauziah, who had done her homework, was asking James whether he was Taib’s crony and why projects were awarded to CMS without open tender. But James said he was just a “friend” of Taib’s and insisted contracts were properly awarded.

James kept saying that if there was anything wrong, the laws and the legal process would have taken its course. Finally, he said the electorate in Sarawak kept voting them back; so surely the leadership was vindicated. (Sarawak voters, take note.)

Anyway, an analyst in Sarawak tells me that the pervasive role of CMS in Sarawak may be news outside the state, but it’s old hat for Sarawakians, who are all too familiar with CMS…


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