Be careful with drinks, nightclub patrons advised

19th March, 2009

KOTA KINABALU: Patrons to nightclubs are advised to be extra cautious with the drinks they order for they could be spiked, warned Pastor William Chin.

He said the culprits who do such a thing are obviously driven by greed.

“Once the patrons get addicted they will return to the same spot (outlet),” he said during the 12th annual general meeting of City PEMADAM yesterday. The meeting was launched by City Hall Mayor Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim.

Chin, 51, who is a former drug addict, was invited to share his experience and how he turned over a new leaf.

Now a pastor, Chin runs his own rehabilitation centre called Renewal Life Centre in Menggatal which he started in 2005.

“I started taking drugs when I was 15 years old, out of curiosity I started to smoke opium with some friends, and after a few sessions, I got addicted,” he shared.

He said he had tried all sorts of drugs including cannabis, cough syrup and heroin which is the strongest among all the drugs in a period of 10 years of his indulgence in this menace.

“My cravings for drugs had caused my family to renounce me because I am worthless to them. I even resorted to committing crimes to buy drugs.”

“I also became a snatch thief and conman, all because I need money to buy drugs. And for all the crimes I committed I landed in jail six times. But I still did not repent,” he said.

His turning point came in 1979, when he was arrested and sent to the Pusat Serenti Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Kuching, Sarawak where he was detained for a year and 18 months.

Despite the new hope, Chin said he failed to shake off his bad habit and fell prey to the drugs again after meeting some of his former drug addict friends upon his return to Kota Kinabalu from Kuching.

“I was thinking to myself if I continued with the drugs I had only two options in my life, either I will die or get imprisoned again. But, luckily I realized that life was precious, so I returned to Kuching and look for my Pastor,” he recalled.

The process of healing later led him to start the centre to help others who fall into the drug trap.


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