Perkasa warns non-Malays to behave

ibrahemaliKUALA LUMPUR, March 22 – Malay right-wing group Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa today threatened that it would react to the actions of those who chose to question Malay supremacy.

President Datuk Ibrahim Ali said that for the sake of “the country, race and religion, I am willing to be detained under the Internal Security Act” should Malay rights be challenged. His old stye of politic unsuitable for nowadays tolerent Malaysia.

The Malay nationalist politician warned non-Malays to behave, if not then Malays would repay in kind.

“If they are polite, we will be polite. But if they are not, neither will we. If they are kurang ajar (ill-mannered), we too can be kurang ajar,” said the Pasir Mas MP to cheers from the thousand-strong crowd.

Ibrahim as president of Perkasa had last year also called on other races to adapt to the local culture of Malays as they have already been given many rights and freedoms in this country.

Today, he added that those who questioned the issue of the special position of Malays were not acting in the name of justice.
“The truth is that justice has not yet come to Bumiputeras who have spent centuries being oppressed by colonial masters,” he said.

The former Umno leader said that in the past, Malays had been reasonable with the colonial masters but that they would not tolerate “our heads being stepped on.”
“We will not tolerate Bumiputeras losing face or our honour. Especially Malays and Islam, do not ever try to play around with these,” he threatened.

MS : Ibrahem Ali is a rejected UMNO leader (Banned for life)& was given a chance by PAS to contest previous election. After winning under PAS banner, he announce himself as ‘Independant’ & frequenty seen as attacking everyone include PAS President. Ungrateful dog!
As a Pribumi myself I never notice the existance of this Society and never in my hem Ali as my President. If he comes to my area my friends surely ‘hit’ him with a shoe (Bush Style)



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3 responses to “Perkasa warns non-Malays to behave

  1. DrAt

    You UPKO boys be careful, your AMUNO Tuan has spoken!

  2. upko1

    Thanks for your comment Dr At, in politics we dont follow anyone blindly. No tuan nor servant. If UMNO go againts the interest of Malaysia formation 1963, bye-bye umno.anyway Undi adalah rahsia! my way or no way

  3. Malaysian Sabahan

    dear UPKO1,
    Sad to say that we Sabahan are fool to accept BN from the beginning. The worst are our politicians who sold our rights for the sake of wealth.

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