bn’s deep insecurity: hisham bars Pakatan leaders from schools

Selangor’s elected leaders from Pakatan Rakyat are barred from visiting government schools in the state, according to a directive issued by Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. In an education department list on who can attend official events in all schools in the state, Pakatan Rakyat leaders names are glaringly missing. The education department letter’s list was issued to all school headmasters in Selangor earlier this month. [letter below] The letter from the district education department instead stated that the education minister has appointed 73 Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders who were sanctioned to attend official events in the state’s schools. “Only these officials named in the attached list are allowed to attend official functions in the government schools in the state,” the letter dated March 11, 2009 stated. Previously, all school heads were verbally told not invite Pakatan leaders for any official functions in schools.

e23a4f924bfb82a5c54e8944a5d961f41In the recent parliamentary sitting, a government official denied that there was any directive barring elected leaders of the Pakatan state governments, said Petaling Jaya City councillor A Thiruvenggadam, who gave a copy of the letter to Malaysiakini. DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang said the letter was a failure on the part of the federal government to distinguish what is right and wrong. “Such a letter further leads to the abuse of power, propagating corruption and thus this rots the entire system. This is an unacceptable discrimination against people who elected the Selangor state leaders,” he said. BN’s deep insecurity On Sunday, Thiruvenggadam, who is also the PKR PJ Selatan division vice-president, said that he had followed Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim to the Highlands Tamil school in Klang. Addressing the Parents Teachers Association and teachers, Khalid donated a cheque amounting to RM120,000 and promised that he would get the Highlands developer to donate a fund for an additional classroom. “Several schools in Selangor, including Tamil schools are in bad shape and in dire need of the state government’s help. “As a local councillor, I am often approached by the PTA and school headmasters to help them out with problems related to the deteriorating school’s facilities. “Now, the school officials have apologetically told me that they will not be able to invite me to their official functions. I do not mind helping the schools even if I am not invited because my motive is to serve the schools in need of repair.”

54fee3cb93ae588aa3c58c5f9f790c7bMeanwhile, PKR vice-president R Sivarasa said the letter exposed the deep insecurity of the Barisan Nasional government and how it continues to politicise the education system. However, Sivarasa who is also the MP for Subang, said the truth was finally out and the people will not be able to accept such double standards practiced by the federal government





MS :Teaching school children political segregation is not the way. We malaysian what? not vietnamese or campuchese.


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