Lajim justifies ditching PBS for Umno in book

katakKota Kinabalu: A new book entitled “Datuk Haji Lajim Ukin Penyelamat Umno Sabah” (Datuk Haji Lajim Ukin Saviour of Sabah Umno) has been launched in conjunction with the Umno 2009 General Assembly.

Published by Iris Publishing and Distributor, the book is penned by Lajim’s former Press Secretary, Jasni Matlani, who is now the President of the Sabah Language and Literature Organisation (Bahasa).

In the book, Jasni outlined the struggle of Lajim who was a former Deputy Chief Minister and his contribution to the national political landscape, especially in Sabah up to the point when Barisan Nasional (BN) formed the government in 1994.

Lajim who is now Deputy Transport Minister said the 176-page book also gives glimpses to his childhood and his involvement in voluntary bodies during his youth.

Lajim’s important role in Sabah’s politics was in 1994 when together with several others left the then opposition Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) to join Umno, which had just spread its wings to Sabah, enabling BN to form the Government until now.

“The action has been seen by many not only as a move that saved Umno in Sabah but in the whole country. The move was seen as a huge sacrifice on the part of Lajim and his colleagues in moulding Sabah’s political landscape,” he said.

In this respect, Publication Co-ordinator, Jaafar Abdul Wahid, who is also the Media Officer to Jaafar hoped the people would read the book so that they could be appreciative of the immense contributions by the country’s political leaders but also realise that Umno is the only real platform for the people where the consensus concept must be preserved in order for the party continue to remain relevant.

MS : Katak pun boleh jadi famous. Tapi Beaufort apa ada sekarang? Tulislah buku pasar banjir tak henti-henti. YB katak sekarang pandai panggil hujan.


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