Key Issues In Batang Ai By-Election


Key Issues

I was asked this question by a fellow blogger? What are the key issues in Sarawak – give me one issue specific to Batang Ai and another that is affecting the whole Sarawak?

My response is instantaneous.

A) BN dishonest Behaviour

It is not limited to development for Batang Ai but more on the “behaviour” of BN of giving promises to people of Batang Ai on development but then they never deliver what they promised. The evident are many: hospital, no electricity for long house close to the dam, better road, etc.

Now BN is rushing to symbolically try to prove their worth – unfortunately they want to do something during a by-election. The voters are feed up with BN deceit and ill time response. Voters can see through their intention to BUY them out. Voters are not fools.

B) Dayak wanted PKR to lead Sarawak

This intention is crystal clear that the Dayak wanted to see that the BN government of Sarawak be replaced with PKR in the next election.

In this by-election the Dayak wanted PKR to win in order to start process of getting rid of BN Sarawak.


To end Taib’s Sarawak BN from pursuing “politics of development” using power abuse and the rampant practice of corruption across the board of BN organizational structure.

Taib is holding 3 Cabinet posts that is complimentary to each other by design to allow for his “will” to happen without hindrance.

1. Taib is the Chief minister ( Approval power)

2. Taib is the Finance Minister ( Paying power)

3. Taib is the Planning Minister ( to generate development ideas)

The structure that Taib created for himself allow him to do anything he wants and also he has power every other elected representatives in the State of Sarawak.

That is how BN always win in Sarawak. The voters are bought. The voters are threaten by the BN government because of ONE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY.

THIS IS DICTATORSHIP IN SARAWAK AND WITH APPROVAL FROM UMNO. This is allow by UMNO because Taib knows how to manage UMNO leaders

Who suffers?

The Sarawakian of ALL races suffer from this ONE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY structure. The elected representatives could not present their views and are afraid to make suggestion to the government.


As much as you do not like that statement by Taib himself, it is true. He plans, he decides and he pays. Jabu and George says Sarawak cannot live without Taib.

We wait and see whether that is true.

Today – No challengers to Taib

Who dares? An iron fist is the answer if you dare. Everybody bow to Taib’s wish. His weapon is the design of his “power”  in the BN government.

Those who stand up may suffer personal misfortune – business or otherwise.


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