Hindraf giving MIC a walkover

Friday, 27 March 2009 12:54

hindraf1Recent events show that Hindraf  willing to give MIC a walkover due to its focus on who will be the candidate for upcoming bukit selambau elections. A messy nominations can be expected.

A saying in Tamil goes like this “ when the village is divided into two, the drama troupe will be the happiest of all” (due to the fact they get to have double shows and make twice the money . Here the Drama troupe is MIC and are they glad looking at the squabbling that is going on which will give them easy victory by pushing Indians towards MIC candidate by announcing to boycott and have Independent candidate.

Looking at Sabah, we can see that Barisan nasional has always been winning at any election which has numerous candidates, there have been spoilers who are able to split votes by just being a candidate and giving BN an easy victory , for example the granny in March 2008 elections manage to grab enough votes that Mohd Sabu of PAS lost by a thin margin in Kuala Terengganu.
There are many elements who want to get Hindraf out of the way and MIC is among the top of this list. No other pressure group has been able to gather such a mass support that was gained by Hindraf. If not for police roadblocks, bus permits cancelled, IGP & Police fear mongering, vehicle search, harassment by checking mobile phones, media pressure the 2007  November 25th Peaceful Rally would have seen not 30 thousand but 300 thousand people on the streets.
Indians just had enough of MIC and the ruling BN for keeping them in the sad state of affairs out of development, marginalized and discriminated. Neither has the situation been looked upon and anything concrete being done other than churning statistics which are useless. MIC is a one man show who has shown who is the boss.
Hindraf should take MIC to task for the atrocities it has done especially in the bukit selambau area. Take for example Kg.Sungai getah 2 , which has been without water or electricity for over 50 years due to the fact that MIC wanted to keep it that way.
Some politicians were directly involved in this issue and many reports, memorandums and rallies done for this group of villagers could not help them as long as their political masters decided what outcome they wanted. Kg.Sungai Getah 2 saga can be read here
Villagers in the Dark :
Vilagers in the Dark sequel : http://www.aliran.com/oldsite/monthly/2002/5a.html
Hindraf should maintain its status quo by being a pressure group instead of squabbling over political clout. Without any power or political affliations it has been able to garner the Indian masses to support its cause and champion for all Indians in Malaysia.
This is not the time to go against anyone else but MIC. The other parties can have their own representative in the assembly but the Vision and Goals of Hindraf should go on with political power or without. MIC and BN have many tricks up their sleeve to create chaos and having Indians boycotting the PR candidate is definitely going to help.
Its time to focus on only one mission, to be rid of MICs gameplay which will keep Indians as a subservients for another 50 years. Unite against this with the Makkal Sakthi given by the people to ensure victory in Bukit Selambau.


AK : Hindraf’s original leaders’ aim was to highlight issues and seek ways to solve the Indian Malaysian problems without hurting others as well. But today we have a bunch of greedy, gangster type masqueraders who want to push everyone into a corner. They think they are popular with every one and that they can arm twist all the people, my message to them is simple: GO TO HELL. Otherwise quit your samseng type politics and stop your theatrics. Indian voters in Bukit Selmbau is 30%, what about the feelings, input and desire of the remaining 70%?


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