PM: Umno must protect all Malaysians

abdullah-haji-ahmad-badawiKUALA LUMPUR,  — With mere hours left as its president, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reminded Umno that it must never adopt racist positions.

He said that the loyalty of every Malaysian should be appreciated, and thus their rights protected, irrespective of race.

This comes at a time when pulling the race card is still a highly effective tactic employed by politicians.

Various statements — including those by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad — promoting right-wing Malay nationalism have surfaced in the past week.

These resulted in diplomatic but stern responses including those from the MCA, Umno’s main partner in Barisan Nasional.

“Umno must never practise discrimination to the extent that non-Malays view it as a racist party. The rights of every citizen must always be protected, guaranteed and respected, as provided by the Constitution and as encapsulated in the Rukun Negara,” Abdullah said.

“The loyalty of every Malaysian citizen irrespective of race must always be appreciated in the spirit of power sharing and friendship. We must be conscious to the fact that we have already reached agreement that we would together bear the responsibilities of building our nation; that we would sink or swim together.

“Let us concentrate on the commonalities that unite us, rather than the differences that can divide us,” he told over 2,500 delegates at the Umno general assembly.

It remains to be seen how the delegates will respond to this call after yesterday’s Youth wing assembly saw several calls to protect Malay supremacy and punish those who question the social contract.


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One response to “PM: Umno must protect all Malaysians

  1. SAPP sui

    Semua Bekas Presiden UMNO begini, bila tidak berkuasa baru mau suggest itu, ini dan lain-lain. Kenapa tak implement time dia Presiden dulu. heran-heran?

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