PKR Leading in Lemanak (Batang Ai)

Field Intelligence

dayak-kuBoth Police and Army Intelligence confirmed that PKR is leading 80% vs BN 20% in Lemanak – the birth place of Johnny Chuat ( Ruaikitai and Pegari). Johnny has been campaigning in advance for Opposition in Lemanak.

BN is very concerned – and so concerned was BN about the situation that Tan Sri Jabu took it upon himself to go to Lemanak.

What did Jabu do?

Tan Sri Jabu (Iban HERO) took Johnny Chuat sister (Nuyah Chuat) and her husband (Isaka Kana) a former District officer by helicopter to Lemanak to help convince the lemanak Iban to vote for BN this morning.

What choice has Nuyah Chuat – she ran a coffee shop cum restaurant business, THE FIRST FAMILY CAFE in Tabuan Jaya kuching. Jabu might have said something to them that Nuyah might have to save the future of her family business from Jabu – the Iban Hero.

Why is Jabu using scare tactic all the time

This is how Jabu always win in Betong. He divides and rules the Dayak in Betong:

1. Salcra dividend is distributed (first) all Jabu’s family and close relatives are given big dividend (5K and above).
2. Salcra dividend is then allocated to PBB supporters ( after Jabu family).
3. Salcra dividend is then given to non Jabu family and non PBB supporter. How much do they get – $15 – $50 per acre.

It is sad that such an Iban Hero behave like he is the absolute King of the Iban.

By the way Dayakbaru – do you know that Betong constituency is Malay majority area now. It used to be Dayak majority. That will explain why Jabu received a lot of support to build Betong from Yang Di Kasihi. Jabu is clever or not?

How About Jabu confronting Masing over PRS banners in Batang AI?

This really is a clear point of Jabu’s EGO and Masing “intelligence”. Jabu is very angry with Masing because his picture is not put together with Masing PRS team. Jabu felt that Masing tried to play him down – remember Mussen is Jabu PBB candidate. Mana boleh – boss gambar is not prominent.

Masing response was – you see the more Jabu pictures we put up, the more people of Batang Ai will not vote for Mussen. The PRS members are already complaining that Mussen is PBB and by putting Jabu pictures with Dr. James – Jabu becomes Dr. James boss – Mana boleh”, James is a little Nepoleon himself.

You can see that trivialities like pictures can irritate the Iban HERO. Look Dayakbaru – Jabu is very upset with you all because you do not seemed to respect him. He has brought Betong into a very progressive District. He has built Dayak wealth through Salcra. Jabu – the Iban HERO asked for a little appreciation for his contribution to creating Dayak wealth.

Blogger – tin kosong

The Iban HERO cannot take criticism – are you afraid of Afraid Jabu Dayakbaru – you should because he can give you kepayang (which is poisonous) if not handled well.

Ja— Booooooo!

Welcome to Lemanak – sweet smile and nice talk will await you. Give Lemamank voters MONEY / Instant Noodles / Songs and dances, spend more time in Lemanak. Bring more helicopters to Lemanak, never mind that you fly using tax payer money. The tax payer will know what to do with you when the times come.

Do not ever think that the people of Lemanak are fools – they produced many graduates. Jabu refused to help many Dayak to continue their tertiary education – he said after they graduated they will fight him. Well, the graduate do fight jabu not because he has helped them but because he has not help them. Jabu continue to try and divide Dayak to consolidate his political position in Taib’s cabinet till today.

LEMANAK ARISE – and dump Jabu and BN into Lemanak river. Vote for PKR who will bring change to Sarawak through the next State election.


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