ISA do or die?

0200200201511ISA means Internal security ACT purpose to do pre-emptive strike againts communist during the 1950’s.

Malaysia is a unique country which have act like  the ISA, OSA,Hasutan, AUKU,police. I really admire the government trying hard to preserve the unity and peace in Malaysia.

The question now , is all this ‘akta’ relevent in the present days? Policeman detaining a chinese reporter ‘dengan alasan her keselamatan reporter itu tidak terjamin’? Detain mainly opposition leaders? All this are rubish and abuse of power. I did not see an UMNO leader caught with this act anymore.

I remember an incident in Sabah during the mid 80’s, this ISA act were used to nabbed Catholic politicians and priests in my hometown during the PBS time to pressure the state government. I can still remember a lot of ‘semenanjung salesman’ in a dark suit went to our mission school during that time looking for our parish priest selling books and etc. We all know that those salesman were not who they are. Using the railway track and making his hair curly,and wearing jeans (priest that time never use jeans) he manage to reach the old KKIA airport and flew into exile to the states. Tip off mention that the priest telephone conversation were ‘recorded’ and the Federal government have prove that this priest involve with a ‘keningau’ politician have the intention to bring Sabah out of Malaysia.

Imagine that! If the government have enough evidence, why not charge that person in court?

Regarding the AUKU act. Stated in the act that thou shall not involve in politics as a student. This act is also stupid. A lot of YB’s are infact pursuing their first degree and masters during they become a MP or ADUN. Where is the logic of this? Are wepractising double standard here?

Information I receive that the goverment are in process to ammend the AUKU act, minus consultation with the relevent College board and student body. Is this right?    

Najib, please dont sale ‘kueytiau goreng’ regarding ammending the ISA act. Abolish it once and for all to show your sincerity in bringing change to Malaysia.What are you waiting for? BN credibility is at stake.

by: Daya’s son


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