Call for power sharing in BN Youth leadership

By Nancy Lai

arthur-sen-bPENAMPANG: There is a need to review the Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth central leadership which is currently dominated by Umno, according to United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun and Murut Organization (Upko) Youth Chief Arthur Sen.

He pointed out that currently, the top posts such as BN Youth Chief, his Deputy, Secretary and Treasurer are all held by Umno members.

“Although posts such as assistants are allocated to other BN component parties, the domination of top posts by Umno does not reflect the power sharing concept of the Coalition,” he said.

It is therefore time for the BN Youth structure to be changed, Arthur stressed, adding that it is also time to call for a meeting among all the BN parties’ Youth leaders.

According to him, a State BN Umno Youth liaison committee should be set up.

Arthur said that while the central BN Youth has held several meetings in the Federal Capital, the Sabah BN Youth has never done such a thing.

upko-logos1There was a meeting in June last year which was chaired by the then BN Youth Secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan but no follow up has been made since,” he said.

If this is the practice, then how are the Sabah BN component parties able to voice out their grouses and problems? This could also result in diminished unity within BN,” he lamented.

He pointed out that the power sharing concept should not only be on paper but must be carried out in reality.

Meanwhile, Arthur congratulated Sabah Umno leaders who won posts in the recent party elections.

He also congratulated new Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin and said Upko Youth will continue to give its support.

He however stressed that Upko Youth wants to see Khairy given the opportunity to reform the BN Youth so that they can strengthen existing cooperation and unity in the coalition.

Arthur said he agreed with Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman’s call to the Federal Government to allocate more full minister portfolios to the State.

It is our hope for Sabah to be given more portfolios in the Federal Government, not only to State Umno leaders but we are urging the Government to also consider BN component parties here,” he said, adding that among the portfolios suitable for Sabahans are the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, the Works Ministry and the agriculture related ministries.

Arthur said it is Upko Youth’s aspiration to see the party President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok considered for the Rural and Regional Development Ministry as the latter has the seniority and experience to handle the responsibility.


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