BN still in the state of denial?

292x300bgantang0Looking back on all  front page of Malaysian main newspaper after the 3 by election yesterday. Some wrote ‘ Status quo’, another is ‘BN 1, PAS1, PKR 1’.  Others ; By election not a referendum for PM.

I could not find a headline written as Pakatan 2, BN 1 or Pakatan wins bigger majority in West Malaysia and  so on.

This scenario is what I can call ‘the main Malaysia press is acting as if nothing really happens’. This I pressume is maybe directional from ‘above’.

dayak-ku1To me, by-election (buy election), Barisan Nasional must act now before this 14 party coalition is presume ‘dead’ even before the next General Election (stroke).  Barisan Nasional formally Perikatan,  may win in ‘poor rural’ Dayak constituency like Batang Ai where half of the people living there is below poverty rate. I read in a few article that some of these Dayak children have in the verge of quiting school (many have quit) to assist their parents in farming to increase their family income. To them, receiving RM50, zinc, cooking utilities is great! As if Santa Claus came twice a year to Batang Ai, this ‘rewards’ as such will be  their pocket money for a month. National issue such as as coruption, nepotisme,cronizme is nothing to this poor lads  although most of them, being non muslim do not agree to the goverment stand issue to ban Allah for Christian. After their pocket money finish, they will realize that the ‘land’ issue and maggie mee project will not be solve. They will again waiting for their revenge in 2011, Sarawak state General Election. This time they expect at least double RM100 from the goverment. This sort of politics will kill BN from within. 

Look at Ijok, lost in by election but PR win in General election.

dancerNajib , please wake up. Barisan need to work even more harder. Ketuanan Melayu issue must stop. As a born Christian myself, I use to dislike PAS and discredit PAS but it seems that PAS policies , slogans ‘PAS for all’ and ketuanan Rakyar  have been indeed working in West Malaysia, significantly  chinese voter increase up to 65% chinese from 45% previous 2008. People like Zahid Hamidi aka extremist (hipocrite) must go.

Where did BN go wrong? Is it too late to do self searching? Maybe its time Najib to take Hadi ‘s note on ‘Unification Government’ rather than to hijact a state from Pakatan Rakyat. From this, BN may learn what are PAS secret recepi in securing non-muslim votes and sympathy. 

Answer is up to you Najb, fer fabor.



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