Folks in Bukit lanjan want Elizabeth Wong to come back to work

eli-wongPETALING JAYA (April 12, 2009) : The fate of Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong will be decided on Wednesday.

The residents of Bandar Utama fully support their dedicated ADUN, Elizabeth Wong at
Bandar Utama. – 
Whether Wong, who is also Selangor state executive councillor for Tourism, Environment and Consumer Affairs, stays or goes depends on a mixture of her own decision and that of the state executive council at its weekly meeting on that day.

Her extended leave ends on April 15 and thus the state is likely to make a decision by then. However, no formal announcement will be made until the verdict is presented to Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Wong has been on leave since mid-February after private pictures of her asleep were circulated.

There are also concerns that other private pictures or videos would also be exposed.

Police are looking for Wong’s ex-boyfriend Hilmi Malek – the main suspect behind the circulation of the pictures – who is believed to have left the country.

A group of about 200 Bukit Lanjan residents gathered today for the second time since February to express their support for Wong and their disgust over gutter politics and the private lives of assemblymen being used for smear campaigns.

As they did during the first gathering – which also featured a convoy in support of Wong to several parts of Selangor where she has been actively involved in the fight against indiscriminate hillslope development and environmental issues such as in Kota Damansara, Bukit Gasing and Bukit Antarabangsa – they lauded her dedication and said her exemplary performance track record should be given due consideration by those deciding her fate.

“In Bukit Gantang, we sent out a message that we will not accept a coup, and if there is a by-election in Bukit Lanjan we will send out the message that we the community will not allow others to violate the life of our chosen representative to get what they want.,” said Civil Society Initiative for Parliamentary Reform founding member Wong Chin Huat Friends of Kota Damansara deputy chairman Jeffrey Phang said the only principle the residents want upheld is community justice.

“This may clash with party lines, but I hope decisions made are the right ones for the community,” he said, adding that no one should force upon the community another representative when they have already made their choice.

Meanwhile, Wong who was expected to attend the event did not turn up but sent a SMS message to those present saying: “Dear friends, I am very touched and humbled by your support and encouragement. Due to circumstances, I an unable to meet you all personally but my heart and spirit is with all of you. For those celebrating Easter today, I would like to extend my wishes to you. Thank you and take care. Elizabeth.”


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  1. Hang Jebat

    Of course we want you back; you have beautiful legs better than Rosmah.

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