Language and Birth Certificate(Citizenship) is 2 main KDM problem.

kdmMany have claim that their native Sabah organization is the most Kadazandusun Murut(some prefer writing as Kadazan Dusun)  and that his organization is the most genuine organization to unite Sabah non-malay native (Bumiputera Bukan Melayu). In other words, more Kadazans than Kadazans.

We can name few organisation such as UPKO, KSS, SDS, USDA,Pasok (now extint), KDCA, SAMORA,Momogun etc. Each organization is noble, but their issue is a bit dissapointing to name a few. No such concrete understanding what are the terms need to be adress  to these Borneon ethnic tribes.  As far as I can remember for the past 45 years, name starting from Dusun by the Bruneian, Datuk Ayub Aman’s article Dusun originated from Lau Sun(whatever), Dusun terms became Kadazans by Donald Stephens in 1961, and then Kadazandusun in 1990’s, lately many old cork claim the unification words of Kadazandusun is illegal and need to revert back to Kadazan or Dusun, some north leaders suggest Rungus is not part of Dusun, again some Lotud say they are not not Dusun. Again, Tatana is not Kadazan as 50% similarity words to Bisaya (Visayan). Anyway Murut tagal language is about 40% simillarity to Tatana. Does Tatana belong to Murut tribe?

Every year , more and more identity issue keep cropping up. New society keep coming up like ‘cendawan’. Dusun Tindal have one,Orang Sungai have one, Dusun Kimaragang going to establish one.Especially by leaders whom after having a montoku session, this leaders will generate different idea about KDM name which as a result is much more popular  and to them important than other issue.Other issue like ‘poverty’ was overlooked. I attended one KDM organization meeting, some Kadazandusun leader suggest native Sabah to be named ‘Kinabalu’ instead after our great mountain. Some suggest ‘Momogun”. This issue again often covering up the main KDM issue that is language and birth certificate. As we know now,Dusun Kadazan & Murut language is a dying language. More than 60% of KDM unable to speak or understand their mother tongue. Some will only have a word or two such ‘Aramai Ti!” after a montoku session.Who’s to blame?

Main media such as Daily Express and Borneo Post sometimes is the main ‘issue maker’ between the war of Kadazan & Dusun or Murut. I remember such an article last month indirectly blaming Mr. Donald Stephens about this identity issue. Why lay hands on the white breed? Hey man, that guys have meet the maker, cant we move on?  what we need now is to go 1 step foward.Isin’t it?

Leaders come and go. Some leaders promise to bring Language  issue up to the Feds but now sowering down. Maybe this person have receive so called Datuk ship and have sattisfied with his needs. Please man, continue your work or be prepare to be replace. 

Birth Certificate is one main issue need to be adressed by all this ‘so call ‘KDM organization. In Sipitang District, at least 500 murut and Lundayeh tribe still holding IC merah after 40 years reside in Sabah.Many more do not have birth certificate.This will act as domino effect to their children and grandchildren unable to enter form one. So even have to ‘bribe’ the Headmaster/Principle to allow their children to school.Things follow suit in Nabawan and kuamut.

I only hope that UPKO, KSS, SDS, KDCA, USDA, SAMORA, Momogun Society will look at this matter seriously thus to justify our reason in celebration next month Kaamatan Festival, instead of fault finding and bringing Donald Stephens back to the picture. This Donald Stephens had play his part in conclusion to the political situation in his era. This also implies to Joseph Pairin. These leaders have limitation. Human mind have limitation.We must continue what they start and improve whatever means they have miss out. Of cause greed and power, cultural is difficult to separate from politics.

I never seen Chinese newspaper blamming previous Chinese leader such as Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Siew Sin, Tun Ling Liong Sik about the ‘Jus Soli’ principle. Instead Chinese or ‘Tionghua’ move foward although with different set of  leaders but with same chinese principle. Only better,development & business issues.

Chinese never argue about Who is Hakka, Hokkien, Foo Chow they have a lot of society/organization but nevertheless they have one heart that is Chinese heart. Instead of going to the press, they help each other.They help the community.The same goes as the Jewish which they dont care weather they are Russian Jew, Polish Jew or Asian Jew, for them they are one Jewish. Compare to Malaysian bumiputera they keep on blaming the text book and look what happen to them now. The famous quote from famous leader, on why Malay(native) seldom prosper. Tunku Abdul Rahman: Half the Malays(native) spent they fortune to bring down another Malay(native). KDM is one step backword too?

Todays young KDM  will not entertain much on  ‘old issue’ such as Identity or names crisis. They simply are more self centred and concern about what will they do after graduation, will the government be more transparent fight on corruption, nepotism. They dont care their IC stated Kadazan or Dusun.At least they are one of them.I believe new generation of Kadazandusun Murut have blent in Malaysia’s melting pot multiracial society and that are happy to bring the name Bangsa Malaysia foward and fight for their country. Before the 1990’s our boys often being label as ‘Anti Malaysia’ . That label have fade away.I think?

KSS to help promote Kadazan language

Published on: Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kota Kinabalu: The Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) will help promote the use of the Kadazan language among the Kadazans, particularly the younger generation in the State.

Its President Marcel Leiking said the KSS would work together with the Kadazan Language Foundation (KLF) to engender programmes to promote the use of Kadazan language among the Kadazan communities.

“One of the aims and objectives of KSS is to develop and preserve the traditions, customs, culture, economy and language of the Kadazans.”Problems of inability to converse in their own language (dialect) are ubiquitous especially among the younger generation regardless of race. So, promoting the use of the Kadazan language will be the clarion call of the KSS to all Kadazans in Sabah,” he said when launching the KSS, here, Saturday night.

The KSS was established on May 19 last year with the main objective of promoting closer relationship and greater understanding and unity amongst the Kadazans as well as cooperating with other communal associations in Sabah in fostering inter-racial harmony among all Malaysians.”We are aware that the use of the language has already been taught in schools in Malaysia. What the KSS can do is to play a supportive role to the Education Ministry’s teaching of the language through the schools in Malaysia.

“KSS with the assistance of the KLF will provide inputs to the Education Ministry concerning the Kadazan language, which are based on current research and literature review of the language,” he said.

On the small participation of the Kadazan communities in business and economic activities, Marcel said KSS would also play its role to enliven their desire to involve themselves in business and economic activities in Sabah in order to reap the benefits offered under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

On a different note, he said many Kadazan children in the interiors of Sabah had no birth certificates and as such, KSS would set up branches in all districts in the State, “which are spearheaded by trusted and honest Kadazan leaders who are elected as chairmen of those branches”, to look into the problems faced by these children. – Bernama

Citizenship reinstated but still bitter


Published on: Friday, October 10, 2008


Kota Kinabalu: Sino-Kadazan Yong Lee Hua @ Piang Lin’s Malaysian citizenship was finally restored by the National Registration Department (NRD) after it was stripped from her after she lost her identity card (IC) last year.

The 78-year-old picked up her new IC from the NRD office at Federal Administrative Complex at Jalan UMS, accompanied by her sons Frankie and Jonathan and Moyog Assemblyman Donald Mojuntin and former PBS Supreme Council member Dr Chong En Leong, Thursday.

However, despite being overjoyed about having “regained” her Malaysian citizenship, Yong was bitter about the “hardship” that she had gone through for the past one year.”I am not satisfied because I still do not know the real reason (cancellation of citizenship),” she said. She said she visited the NRD office more than 10 times to change her Permanent Resident (PR) status to Malaysian citizen but was not entertained.

Her misfortune started when her wallet was stolen from her handbag while shopping in a supermarket at Penampang Baru on Feb 12, last year.

On the same day, she applied for a replacement at the Donggongon NRD after lodging a police report. After several months, she was told to collect her replacement IC.Being an illiterate, she didn’t find anything amiss when she saw the colour of the IC but instead brought it home and proudly showed it to her children.

She did ask the officer why it was red but was told that it was for senior citizens who had lost their ICs. Her children, however, were not amused because they knew such IC was issued to those with PR status.They brought her back to the NRD office to get it changed but the officer told her to “apply for Malaysian citizenship” instead.

It was the beginning of her problem because soon after, her bank accounts were frozen resulting in her unable to withdraw money for her daily expenses.

She also could not travel outside the country because she could not renew her passport.She was told by the NRD officer that she could not even travel to West Malaysia to visit her youngest son who was working in a bank in Kuala Lumpur. Yong was so embarrassed that she used her driving licence as proof of identity wherever she went.

She even used it as an identity document to vote during the March 8 general election.

Thanks to Upko’s Bureau for Citizenship and Security, led by Donald Mojuntin, her case was highlighted in the media that subsequently drew the attention of the nation.Her son Jonathan, 48, also concurred with his mother’s demand for an explanation from the NRD. “Even though the matter has been settled, we are not satisfiedÉwe want explanation,” he said.

Young KDM out there, please continue your struggle. PBS – Perjuangan Belum Selesai…

Anti Kronisma



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3 responses to “Language and Birth Certificate(Citizenship) is 2 main KDM problem.


    Isai komoyon nu do kadazan. Aiso tinaru do roitan do Kadazan id pogun tokou. Nung moboros do ‘Izikoi no kadazan” ka do tulun mantad penampang toi ko’ mantad Papar nga au kopunong. ikoyu nopo nga ‘tangara’. Mantad dii, do iinopo nointutunan do ‘Dusun’ mantad di pogului ii, ii woyo do tinaru popointutun do tulkun suai do isai yolo kuma Boritis, Jipun, Cina om isai nopo tulun suai di mintutun diolo. Okon ko “kadazan” yahai ka? Iti nopo KSS nga au noilaan do isai kopio o mangan diolo tiguango do moningolig om popoburu.
    Kokomoi nopo do koponupuan do kotinan do mogisussuai id suang do paganakan do tinaru Dusun nga aiso kobolingkaangan. Nung ogumu kotinanan tokou nga lobi ogumu manamong om mongintong do kowoowoyoo do tulun tokou. nunu kasalah diti.
    Osotou ku nopo, iti nopo idea nu kokomoi ngawi do tinaru Kadazandusun nga bobok tomod nu di aiso kointalangan do fakta. Moboros ko do mumang punsoh iti boros ka nu nga, sabap nopo nga tulun miagal diau au moboros om au koilo monuat iud kadazamndusun. Kada kobobok kakabangaon nu miagal di tasu do milo no do mongusing ang au koilo do nunu wonsoiyon do monuridong do tinaru kadazandusun. Atikol nu nopo diti om okon ko poposonong do ngartan tinaru kadazandusnun nga momirumbak nopo. Ika no tulun diroitan do .tonkuyu’.

  2. Romber Musa

    Every association is related to money & politics. UPKO Dompok, KDCA Pairin, KSS Datuk Marcel(UMNO), USDA Siringan, SAMORA(UMNO). You cannot find it as NGO nowadays.

    My blame is on Federal ROS. They are the one to allow too many Kadazan based organisation.Imagine the name UPKO and KSS already KO during the 60’s but was revive by Mahathir & Abdullah Regim to split PBS and KDCA.

    Dont get me wrong.Yang sudah revive tu, please serve the people right.

  3. Young KDM

    Dont stop till the fat lady sings! Nywy dont critisize mantaku, my favourite drink. Aramai tie!

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