Wrong KPI for MIC

samimawiMIC and a few smaller component parties have got their KPI wrong. Samy Vellu believes that ministerial positions in the cabinet will help MIC to lure back Indian voters to the party. He is so damn wrong.

Let me put it crudely. Samy fights for himself, not the community. He was a senior minister for more than two decades before being defeated in the last general election. As one of the longest serving ministers, the Indian community’s fortune did not appear to be on the rise. Apart from his very insignificant achievement – giving handouts to some schools and poor Indians – Samy had engineered some of the biggest corporate scandals for the party – Maika and AIMST.

Samy Vellu complained to his supporters that if Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon could be made a senator and minister, he should have been accorded the same privilege. It is embarrassing that the party still keeps someone like Samy. Luckily Najib understands that taking care of Samy is not akin to taking care of the community.

MIC should adopt a different set of KPIs to help the Indian community:

1) Reduce school dropouts;
2) Reduce crime rates committed by Indian youths;
3) Provide more opportunities to SMEs and entrepreneurs;
4) Increase the community’s GDP share;
5) Create more professionals; and more

Interestingly Najib has asked Samy to pack up by the middle of 2009. This is not such a bad advice. But how can MIC stand on its feet if it takes Najib, the head of UMNO, to tell the party president to leave. MIC leaders and members should decide their own fate, not others.



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2 responses to “Wrong KPI for MIC

  1. Gane's son

    No indian brother will support this crook. This ‘apa’ is more human than human!

  2. Amu noh

    Inda payah layan MIC, krana cuma parti ‘Nyamuk’

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