Malaysian Datukship: who you know, not what you know

srkmalay_fullShah Rukh Khan is a Hindustani and was given a ‘mee segera’ Datuk by Malacca Government. Although protested by many, the super CM had said it all.

Question: How many State level Datuk conferred to Sabahan every year. Answer; last year  3 SPDK (Level 1 Datuk Seri Panglima), 48 PGDK (Level 2)(include CM’s son inlaw).

In 2007 , 5 SPDK awarded(Include TYT’s wife, and BPR boss), 46 PGDK Datuk. If we take 2008 as  benchmark, we can calculate that approximately  minimum 2,300 person have been awarded with Datuk/Datuk Seri since 1963. Not to mention during the fallout of PBS government after 1994, this numbers have doubled. This does not include Tun,Tan Sri, Dato’ received by Sabahan from Federal level and other state of Malaysia.  From the data that I received, I learn that 18% whom was conferred Datuk are from KDM community, 35% chinese (mostly cooperate sector) and 47% other Muslim native(include west Malays leaders).

Anyway, back to the topic, about 414 KDM receive datuk since 1963, about 805 Chinese receive datuk and 1081 from Muslim/Malay community.

I ran out of fingers how many KDM datuks I knew receive one. I remember Kadazan Society (KSS) president receive one last year, this is amazing because I think only 2 years that KSS being formed. Maybe some political connection I guess?  Other race such as Bajau Society have receive more than 400 Datuks and a handhold numbers of Tunship and Tan sri  from his royal highness Agong.

 What about other native minorities? Either being wrongly label as lacking of  ability or been socially overlooked. Lundayeh tribes was highly neglected by the state government for so long in terms of fair distribution and recommendation of State and awards.What more Federal award? Every year, only 1 or two person were bestowed with lower rank award (SK or BK).

This article doesnt mean Lundayeh are ‘Gila Pangkat’ or what soever. I myself is not a Lundayeh. Neither I am a SIB member. I’ve been with this soft spoken community for more than 10 years now and seen,experience that majority  Lundayeh people’s daily lives is been very difficult. Only once in 4 years ‘Santa Claus’ came to town and bring present. Both BN and opposition come to Sipitang and Tenom district to ‘bribe’ this tribesman with so called ‘politik pembangunan’ and other national propoganda.

Well the biggest ‘Santa Claus’ normally wins due to promisses to improve the basic infrastructure of their community. Double carriage seal highway from Sipitang town to Long Pasia is one of their promise since 2004.

Anyway, promises left promises, after the election everything went back to normal. This Lundayeh lifelyhood back to square one. ‘Hidup susah’.The road to Long Pasia is like everyday ‘hell’ especially during raining.I suggest anyone who wants to travel to Brunei by road from KK, please stop by to Sipitang’s Long Pasia.You wish you were never born.

Same goes in 2008 election.Elders were promise, cheated repeatedly.Years keep passing by, people repeatingly keep grumbling demanding the Government promises on why it was not carried out.The Government excuse are simply budget problem! Ow man, is this what you call ‘politik pembangunan’? Lie and lie again. “Isin’t Sabah one of the biggest Gas producer in South East Asia? I can’t bellive that moden lie this existed in daylight.

keamatan4-20lundayehAgain they cried out; ” Why are our leaders were not appreciated by the State Government in terms of Datukship”? The only Lundayeh who have ever received Datuk have  recently died and many people during the funeral, including non lundayeh Leaders realize that minority native in Sabah have been given a tiny share of what we want to call ‘One Malaysia’. It is saddened when talking about the  number of Datukship awarded to this Lundayeh community, especially after the BN era. Only one Datuk in 46 years since independents! This was awarded way back in 1993 by then PBS government. No Lundayeh have ever received any ASDK (One step to Datuk) since BN took over.

One prominent candidate that I’ve seen should be appreciated by this award that is Mr. Pengiran Lalung the Sabah Lundayeh Cultural Association President since 2000. Don’t get me wrong.I am not a lobbying. I have no relation or connection with this guy.Just to highlight.. Pengiran was born in 1955 from a poor family, after his school days he join the police force and was a former Police act ASP between 1975 to 1984. After 1984 he decided to take up responsibility as an Security Officer and now the Security Manager in Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) since 1994.

This guy is very humble. Apart from actively involve in State level Cultural function, he is known as a person who is very helpful to his fellow community and lend a hand whenever he is wanted by his community. Problem ranging from daily bread of this Lundayeh tribe to basic infrastructure, this guy always trying his best to make ends meet for his people.

You can ask any Lundayeh friend you know, no one talk bad about this guy except praises. He is a good example of his community thus to bring his community one step foward.

Other prominent Lundayeh community leaders  are Taba Libang(vice president), Adang Sulaiman(businesswoman), Ricky Ganang (US grad whom wrote the Lundayeh dictionary), Martin Akat and Lajim Buayeh (also businessman).

I can conclude my statement that majority Malaysian datukship only implies the concept of who you know, not what you know.You must be politically affilidated to be one.

Again, Malaysian is still full of Cronysim and Nepotism.

by Anti Kronisma

First (and last) Lundayeh Datuk dies

arun2Sipitang: Datuk Arun Selutan (pic), the first Lundayeh in Sabah to be bestowed the title “Datuk”, was laid to rest in his village of Kampung Mendulong, about 25km from the township here. Arun, 67, who was the Deputy President of the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) Sabah, died last Saturday of illness. He leaves behind a wife and three children. Born in 1941, he became the first Lundayeh in the State to be bestowed with the Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu (PGDK), which carries the title “Datuk” in 1993. Arun served as the SIB Sabah President for 14 years from 1981 and also as President of the Sabah Council of Churches for two years from 1995.


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