TV3 scared to Aired Terengganu Crisis as main news.

tv3Normally I dont watch TV3 news at 8.00pm. Last night purposely I watch, just to see TV3’s reaction on the recent Terengganu Crisis.

It took me 15 minutes to wait, then finally the news about Terengganu Crisis appear. Sadly it ended less than 1 minutes.

Hahaha, TV3 (a so called Barisan ally) is still in the state of denial.Old style news. Is this what Najib called media reform?World class?  Other Malaysian channel put Terengganu Issue as their head news. What is wrong with TV3?

I pity them. I am so amazed that Pakatan political leader being ‘gentleman’ as they do not want to interfear with Barisan’s problem. Imagine, if this thing happen to pakatan, Barisan will surely ready $$$ to buy the other opposing party. No no! Pakatan is a civilize party, thats why young generation are buying their propaganda.Pakatan don’t have puteri umno or putera umno but people’s perception that they are a party of dignity and have a ‘magical’ outreach to the younger people. Barisan, you must learn something from it!

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