Noble Fairus quit, not like Baboon J.O.H.N Perak who switch ship

It is the most gentlement thing done by ex-DCM1 Penang yesterday to quit his Penanti state seat. In my opinion, this guy are more PKR than PKR itself as you compare to the 4 State assemblymens of Perak who left Pakatan for ‘money’ and revenge. Rakyat will be eagerly waiting for another ‘battle field’ this time around in Penang, after the highly anticipated Bukit Lanjang did not materialize.

JOHN – Jamaluddin, Osman, Hee, Nasaruddin.

Hee is the worse because as an OKU and Lady, she was elevated by Pakatan as the first lady state Deputy Assembly Speaker, what more do she want? Frankly speaking,human being only need 4 things in life, Sex,Security,Salary and Satisfaction. Which ‘S’es’ does she lacking?

JOHN you fail us! Perakian will never forget you.

by Anti Kronisma


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