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28/04/2009: The day after tomorrow will mark a year after Jakarta Social Blog first posted an entry about Manohara Odelia Pinot-Noack, daughter of Daisy Fajarina and George, a man with United States citizenship, and younger sister of Dewi Pinot. Yet in less than a year many outrageous things had happened to her. In April last year, only a few photographs and articles of the then sixteen year old damsel, who bears her stepfather’s surname (her mother later married Reiner Pinot-Noack, a French citizen) appeared on the glossy pages of Prestige and Indonesia Tatler, displaying nothing more than her name, age, and previous boyfriend (Mr. You-Know-Who). Never before there were so many photographs and videos of Manohara Odelia Pinot shown to the public by numerous television channels, in their entertainment and news programs, pictures and stories of her life leaked and publicized by newspapers and tabloid journalists. Her popularity was then limited to those who read prestigious high-society magazines and attend glamorous social events where only the rich and famous could mingle, and one can add, those who’ve seen the ads of Le Salon at Plaza Indonesia.

n731560273_4748858_7250Manohara with Raditya Argoebie, a close friend of her family

What a difference a year could make? She broke up with her ex-boyfriend, hastily married Muhammad Fakhry, with jubilant approval from her mother, and was bestowed by the Kelantan royalty as Cik Puan Temenggong (CPM). This might sound too good to be true, just like bedtime fairy-tale stories about a charming little girl married to a prince of so-so-land and live happily ever after without any further distraction.

But life is not a fairy-tale, few months after their seemingly perfect wedding; Manohara escaped to Jakarta, Indonesia, with the help of her mother, Daisy Fajarina. About four months later, from 25th February to 9th March, Manohara, Fakhry, Daisy, and Dewi made a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which ended on a sour note. Daisy said the royalty had abducted her daughter away in Saudi Arabia, by Kelantan Royal Family’s Berjaya Air’s Challenger 300, headed by a Malaysian Captain, Zakaria Salleh, transporting only Fakhry and his wife by force and leaving Daisy and Dewi behind. When Daisy tried to enter Malaysia to track down her daughter, she claimed that she was denied entry into Malaysia at the request of the Kelantan royalty.

untitled567Sisters Dewi and Manohara Pinot partied alongside close friends 

Now that she’s back to ‘live’ in Kelantan palace, like a little bird in a golden cage, her mother in Jakarta devoured efforts at all lengths to be allowed to meet her own daughter. Daisy uttered profuse and audacious details of Manohara’s conjugal circumstances to a bevy of local journalists. She also stated that her daughter had been sexually abused by the coarse-mannered prince, from being forced to carry out sexual intercourse during her menstruation period to having her chest slit by razor blade.

If such allegations were true, could it be that Fakhry of Kelantan is indeed a sadomasochist? Some things are too painful to hear. But why does recent photographs of Manohara that leaked into some blogs show her unharmed in the least and unreservedly composed while enjoying both formal and informal activities with her husband and in-laws. Had she been feeling miserable, she would look not the least bit content in the latest photographs, for surely she knew that’s the most fitting moment to express the necessity for her to be rescued by Daisy and Dewi. (The Mighty Pen website differs here from the writer(s) of this blog. There is no way one can express fear in the open, especially when conducting royal duties, however unceremonial the duties are. Please also note that most photographs released so far are not indicative of ‘high’ state of happiness compared to her older photos that are also circulating on the cyber sphere. If newer sets of photos appear after the posting of this article, then readers can judge for themselves at the level of cheap play engaged by Fakhry. It does not in any way mean if the new sets of photos do not appear, Fakhry is rightfully correct!).

n589385144_5304979_9036Daisy, Ryan (Manohara’s close friend and a racer) Manohara, during her short-term escape 

But Nikolai Gogol once wrote somewhere, “the real comic muse is the one under whose laughing mask tears roll down,” Who are we to comprehend the truth of such enigmatic vexation. But one can always reverse the saying above, “the real comic muse is the one under whose doleful mask laughs furtively.” Then who’s righteous and who’s rancorous? (The Mighty Pen has not edited this paragraph for lack of understanding of the writer(s) intent, and left it as it is. The Mighty Pen has also removed the concluding paragraph of this article as it contradicts our original intent. The writer(s) have asked for no interference from all sides for the ending of this unfolding drama. We congratulate the writer(s) for such an expressive piece).


Thanks The Mighty Pen and Jakarta Social. U open up our eyes!


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  1. He should be convicted with Statutory Rape!

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