As recession bites, workers demand retrenchment fund

The scorching sun did not deter some 500 people and activists who turned up for the Workers’ Day gathering in Seremban yesterday.

They carried banners and placards, wore headbands and chanted slogans such as “Implement minimum wage now”, We want retrenchment fund” and “Jobs for all”.

Thanks Anil Netto

So isn’t that reason enough for Malaysia to introduce a minimum wage? After 50 years of Merdeka and 44 years of Malaysia, do you seriously think our nation as a whole stands to gain by paying poverty-line wages to hundreds of thousands of long-suffering workers?

They also displayed art work and performed skits depicting the exploitation of workers, their low wages and the humiliation they sometimes suffer.



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3 responses to “As recession bites, workers demand retrenchment fund

  1. Tuah

    Malaysia is turning into an exploitative democracy. The rich is getting richer. The working class is slipping into poverty. This is time workers unite to fight for their rights. The govt has splintered the labour unions into useless segments, which cannot do anything except watch helplessly.

  2. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be coming back to your site.

  3. How to be SAFE in troubled times.

    Fear of ‘job-loss” is a universal element in the minds of millions of people worldwide, because of the basic system that creates the “employee” mindset.
    Systematic programming over a long period of time, coupled with a manipulative education system ensures that fear is permanently embedded.
    From being small children to adults, the GRADING/CHANELLING and SCREENING process systematically and progressively reduces the options of an individual to the point of needle point specialization.
    The result is .. large numbers of highly trained, but very limited individuals at the mercy of market forces which are beyond their own control.
    The obligatory letter of EMPLOYEE UNDERTAKING, not to engage in other income generating activities whilst employed, sets the stage for a life of exclusive servitude.
    Routinely creating a mindset that has the ‘expected outcome’ of a single dependency income is the root cause of unlimited personal distress.
    Even though the risk of financial disaster is exceptionally high, it is sought after and welcomed year after year by the millions of new and willing job seekers.
    In economically difficult times the truth becomes self-evident.
    THE SYSTEM IS SERIOUSLY FLAWED to an extent that verges on immoral.
    The FACT is.. Everybody should have at least THREE INCOME SOURCES.
    It is folly to rely on a single dependency income from a source outside your control.
    It is silly to expect an employer to put your interest before that of the Company.
    It is idealistic to believe that the Government will maintain your standard of living.
    It is foolish to think it only happens to OTHER people.
    Under the generally accepted system MOST employed people are only three paychecks away from losing their homes.
    Is it any wonder that in these troubled times, the fear of retrenchment tops the list of stressors.
    The solution is not difficult. It does however require a change of mindset.
    It is NECESSARY to replace the EMPLOYEE mindset with an entrepreneurial mindset .. even if you have to bend the rules.
    Bad rules that place you at risk to benefit somebody else NEED to be broken.
    For the sake of your family, your sanity and your future prosperity you must re-focus attention onto the real issues.
    To get what YOU want you have to work with YOUR rules.
    AT LEAST three sources of income are necessary for security.
    If your JOB FAILS its ok ..If you career fails its ok …if your business fails its ok.. because the other TWO will sustain you.
    Make your additional income sources in diverse industries.
    Leave the fear behind ..YOU don’t need it.
    There are dozens of opportunities available to you every day ..if you look beyond the blinkered tunelled view of an employee.
    Don’t place your future in the hands of other people .. They will eventually abuse you.
    Don’t place your families future in the realms of hope and prayer.. They depend on YOU.
    Making small changes can give big results .. Learning the RIGHT skills is the key to financial security. No point learning how to mend shoes when everybody throws old shoes away.
    Good industries to build income streams are .. “Health” .. “Leisure” .. “Telecommunications” ..
    Become a “middle-man” .. get paid for talking and organizing .. Teach other people how to work and get paid for what they do. Look at leverage industries and marketing.
    There are many avenues available to you.. if you take off the blinkers.
    Eventually you could find that retrenchment was the best thing that ever happened to you.
    Perhaps it just opened the door to a better life that you otherwise never would have found.
    Reach out with hope ..a world of opportunity is waiting..
    John Morley

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