Stop Instigating, Lee Wei Kiat

MCA spokesman and central committee member Lee Wei Kiat questioned why DAP and PKR had remained silent about the strong opposition by PAS to the Cabinet’s decision that minors follow the common religion of their parents at the time of marriage when one spouse opts to convert.

Politically, Lee may want to try to score some brownie points. Socially, it is irresponsible for Lee to continue instigating some politicians on this matter. As a party spokesman, Lee should adopt a more rational and responsible behaviour not to politicize this decision.

Lee should focus on creating more awareness of the recent decision. Non-muslim couples should be educated on their parental right to determine the religion of their children. Lee’s current action does not bring any benefit to the Malaysian Chinese community.

Race and religious matters should be carefully handled in this country. We applaud decisions made based on common sense.

Lee added, “The fact that Pakatan Rakyat parties did not hold a common stand indicates their fragility as a united team.”

Lee should speak for his own coalition too. Can Lee confirm that his party agrees with UMNO on all issues pertaining to NEP, Islamisation, Perak power grab, money politics, socio-economic policies, political arrogance etc.?

Politics is not the only solution to our society’s woes especially when there are so many irresponsible politicians in the country.


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