Tan should not do it: Upko Youth

Masiung Banah (Upko)Kota Kinabalu: Datuk Raymond Tan should not take along the Sabah Deputy Chief Minister post to peninsula-based Gerakan, according to United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) Deputy Youth chief, Masiung Banah.

“The action to bring more component parties in Sabah may lead to the problem of party political flooding which will directly affect the credibility and image of the Barisan Nasional, especially in Sabah,” he said.

Masiung who is also Kuamut Assemblyman, however, has full confidence in the wisdom of the Chief Minister and Prime Minister to study and understand the sensitivity of the BN component parties in Sabah.

Meanwhile, PBS Sri Tanjong publicity chief, Tong Yun Fah, said Tan made a “grave error” in joining Gerakan.

He said in the last general election, it was clear that the voters had lost confidence in Gerakan and as such Tan should have the sensible mind to think of his action for the people of Sabah.

In joining Gerakan, Tan showed that it was for his own interest and not for the people of Sabah, especially the Chinese, as he is holding the post of Deputy Chief Minister under the Chinese quota, claimed Tong.

He challenged Tan to step down as Deputy Chief Minister as well as Infrastructure Development Minister, claiming that he had failed to represent the Chinese community as well as in his duties as Minister in charge of infrastructure development.

He said infrastructure in the district such as roads, electricity and water supply were still lacking and have not been addressed despite Tan holding the post for two terms.



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2 responses to “Tan should not do it: Upko Youth

  1. living

    I agree with you YB Masiung on this issue. As a BN voter in Sabah, YB Tan must be take care and double-think before joining Gerakan. Why not join to any Sabahan ‘Party’..this is really ‘grave error’ as PBS Sri Tanjong publicity chief said.

    But, never mind…we try to look and see on this.

  2. Wan

    Masiung Banah should be elevated as Ketua Pemuda Barisan Nasional Sabah. Not like other cowards pemuda leaders who inspire ‘Tunggu dan lihat’ attitude.
    Congrats Masiung! Kalau tidak ngam antam saja bah!

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