Democracy According to BN, Hee and a CEO

Perak Speaker Sivakumar was forcibly dragged out by the police and staff of the recalcitrant state assembly secretary. The state secretary Abdul Rahman Hasim had instructed the sergeant-at-arms and the assembly secretary to ignore his (Sivakumar’s) directives in the assembly yesterday.
This is democracy according to BN.
The BN government obtains its majority from 2 assemblymen and former exco members who are being charged for corruption. The third assemblyman is the assembly deputy speaker who walked out of her party claiming ill treatment. Yet, this former clerk was made a deputy speaker by her party when there are many more qualified candidates compared to her.
Yesterday, she usurped the power of the Perak Speaker and was caught threatening another assemblyman with a pepper spray.
This is democracy according to Hee Yit Foong.
Can the police continue to provide protection to the BN government to control the house for the next 4 years? Yes, why not. The police protects the ruling elites vice versa. This is why the IPCMC is only a grand dream. It will remain a dream for a long time until there is a regime change.
This is democracy according to the police.
It is obvious that the way forward for Perak is to return the right to choose back to the people. The three assemblymen who helped to prop up the BN government would probably lose their seats if elections are held. The Sultan of Perak was instrumental in the removal of a democratically elected chief minister. The monarchy decision has created a constitutional crisis in Malaysia. Now he claims that he is above politics. Morally or legally, there is little to argue if his decision is correct or otherwise. It is obvious that the state assembly cannot function without a fair and just solution to the impasse.
But this is democracy according to Rocky Bru, the newly appointed CEO of the Malay Mail (he is the ‘walk with me’ partner of a famous blogger turned politician. Both were sued by ex-NST executives).

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