Rep plans to sue deputy Speaker over pepper spray attack

hee Yit Foong Pepper SprayTHE assemblyman who claimed he was attacked with a pepper spray by Perak deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong plans to take legal action against her, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Aulong assemblyman Yew Tian Hoe said he suffered eye injuries as a result of the spray.

During one of the shouting matches in the recent controversial state assembly sitting, Yew said he had wanted to question Hee over her decision to take over the running of the assembly session.

Yew added that he wanted to prevent Hee, the Jelapang assemblyman, from chairing the assembly. That was the time Yew alleged he was attacked with a pepper spray.

Reporters were unable to get a clear view of the alleged incident as the assemblymen had all grouped together and were shouting at each other. Yew had lodged a police report in Taiping. He said discussions with his lawyers were still on ongoing.



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3 responses to “Rep plans to sue deputy Speaker over pepper spray attack

  1. Hee Yit Foong's twins

    Sue her and her mother for being in-humane in Perak assembly and to give bitth to rotten apple like her!

  2. Nyama Chow Hee Bai

    That is why… next time, people, make sure you vote in a properly educated person as MP. Pakatan also another one… this muka-puki.berkedut cinapeckersaurus washerwoman vegetable seller type, noodle stall chap faan helper cum coffee shop drinks mixer, jamban jaga, or pasar malam underwear seller fatty-samfoo karang guni old newspaper also can become MP. For goodness sake, next time, look at their education level lah!

  3. Pooky Ling Chi Bai

    To Puan Hee
    Pukimak lan chiao cibai keong kan kay. And Happy Mother’s Day.

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