People’s Perception : BN scared to face the Ballot Box

No reason for assembly to be dissolved: Zahid

dancerGEMAS: Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said there was no reason for the Perak state assembly to be dissolved.


He said the dissolution was not necessary (as we may badly loose) though the High Court had ruled on Monday that Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar was the Perak menteri besar.

“The Barisan Nasional respects the decision of the High Court, but at the same time we have already filed an appeal and have a strong case.

“We find that the court’s decision favoured Nizar because the BN did not move a vote of no confidence in the House against Nizar.

“This is a technical problem and we will do the necessary (bribe),” he said after a working visit to the Kem Syed Sirajuddin here today.
Ahmad, the defence minister, said BN had the majority in the state assembly and had already appointed speaker Datuk R. Ganesan (illegally)

“Therefore, I feel there is no reason for the assembly to be dissolved,” he said. ……(BN might loose)

dancer3AK : Yes BN will be in a loosing side if Sultan Azlan Granted a dissolution on Assembly…… So sultan, BN is at the mercy of your feet.
 See what happen to Bukit Gantang by-election? Even ‘imported’ sexy dancers could not do the trick…

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  1. Young KDM

    u go gurlllll!!!!

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