Hubby had sex using cucumbers and brinjals

CucumberA MAN who misused cucumbers and brinjals while having sex with his wife is in trouble with the law.

The woman claimed that he had forced a cucumber or a brinjal into her private part at least seven times in the past six years ago, police sources told Harian Metro.

Apparently, the man, who is in his 40s, had erectile problems after an accident.

It is learnt that the man began abusing his wife, who is in her 30s, with the vegetables after he got the idea from watching pornographic videos.

“The victim suffered physical and mental anguish because of that. She had pleaded with her husband to stop his improper act,” a source said, adding that she was concerned about her health, besides the discomfort and pain.

The woman, who lives in Kajang, Kuala Lumpur, made a police report on Friday.

> The distributor of an Iranian halal non-alcoholic “beer” said that it had never used the term “beer” on their product.

Malaysian Iranian Corporation Sdn Bhd executive director Azizi Ahmad said his company realised that Muslims might be concerned about the term “beer” on the Iranian-made drink called Istak.

“Istak is actually a malt drink, which had received the halal certification from the Iranian government 10 years ago,” he told Utusan Malaysia.

He added that Iran was known to impose strict halal regulations on commercial products.

The paper had published concerns from several Islamic NGOs who disagreed with the usage of the term “beer” on the drink.

Azizi said his company had never issued brochures saying that the Istak drink was a “halal beer,” adding that he would contact the NGOs to clarify the matter.

AK : Why? no money to buy sex toy ah??



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3 responses to “Hubby had sex using cucumbers and brinjals

  1. Hang Tuah

    Belilah viagra! Bayangkan kalau sang terung patah di dalam.kes naya…

  2. Yeah, It’s nice, but I don’t like such sex, I need only Original.

  3. Yeah, It’s natural way, I think this will not cause any problem with chemicals.

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