Anifah boast @ cakap besar he was offered DPM’s post in front of Clinton

Hillary-Clinton-Aman-Anifah-starring at boobsWASHINGTON: Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman has (boast@ cakap besar) revealed that Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had offered him the post of Deputy Prime Minister as bait to switch sides after the general election last year.
“Just for the information of the audience here, Anwar said he would form a government on Sept 16 but he has changed the dates many times. And he was trying to entice Members of Parliament (and make me his deputy)
“I was personally offered a very lucrative position, like a deputy prime ministership. These facts are not known to the world at large,” he said during a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which was packed with American and foreign journalists.(Infact this is Anifah ploy to get the full ministership as he have today.)
“And he has started trying to buy (PKR have money??) other legislative members. I think he has not accepted the result of the last elections (1 million postal votes save UMNO leaders example in Kedah, Mukriz Mahathir saved by 2000 army votes).
“We (Barisan Nasional) have lost five states and we willingly accept the people’s verdict (We will bribe later and accuse all the opposition CM & MB meliwat hehe).”
A Reuters journalist had earlier asked Clinton whether she raised the Anwar issue at her meeting with Anifah as the State Department’s annual human rights report had mentioned that charges against Anwar were politically motivated.
Clinton replied that she had raised the rule of law issues and larger questions concerning institutional reforms that Malaysia had been pursuing.
Anifah, who was calm throughout, said he had faith in Malaysia’s judicial system, citing the case of Perak where the High Court had reinstated Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as Perak Mentri Besar although it was a ruling made against the Federal Government.
Anifah said Anwar was tarnishing the image of Malaysia (for trying to abolish ISA)
“It is our wish and hope that he will respect the democratic system in Malaysia (and not abolish ISA).”
AK : Anifah Aman the crook of Malaysian Politics. Why did he met and bargain with Anwar in Hong Kong the first place. Was he really ‘offered’ DPM post of offer made by him?? Anifah u have screw your own ass…….

Hillary Clinton mind speaks :
Is that ‘Anifah’ trying to impress me by saying he has the caliber to become Deputy Prime Minister? Come on . I’m older than him and I wont cheat my husband. Duh!!!



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5 responses to “Anifah boast @ cakap besar he was offered DPM’s post in front of Clinton

  1. Hang Tuah

    Ahli politik bercakap besar, sungguh memalukan! siapalah dia kepada Anwar.

  2. Jeremiah

    Either than Muhyiddin, Anipah’s the only one who thinks he’s on par with Muhyiddin.

    Shame on you Nipah!

  3. Bill

    US politics are different. Democrats will never talk bad bout Republican in other country. Like Malaysian politician A’ nipah, his reveiling what not suppose to….to his credits.

    Cheap publicity to made himself popular!

  4. JomoSamaTuaran

    Bill… ur are right, US politics are different from us in Malaysia. But…ur are wrong when you said Anifah is wrong when reveiling what is not suppose to his credits, it’s not’s that `Badukang’ Anwar telling lies about Malaysia outside, since 1998 till now..!! Do you really know the facts or you only part of this nothing but craps blog…????

  5. ali

    malu.malu….belum apa2 lagi sudah mau perasan dapat POST ‘Deputy Prime Minister’..what a shame..

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