2 PPP President?

In the style of its birthplace Perak, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) today has two presidents with Datuk T. Murugiah replacing Datuk M. Kayveas in an “emergency meeting” that is questionable in legality.

Murugiah was sacked from the PPP with six supporters last week but his supporters called for today’s emergency meeting at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and voted him president.

The senator and deputy minister said he will inform Barisan Nasional chairman and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak about the election.

Earlier, PPP members from around the country were bussed in for the meeting at the PICC where a resolution to overturn a decision by the party disciplinary committee on May 16 to expel Murugiah along with six supporters was passed unanimously earlier this morning.

comment from AnakMalaysia777

Mr. Kyaveas and Mr. Murugiah – all these hoola balu is about who gets the Deputy Minister’s post, the ability to sell a few state honorific titles and a few posts in local authorities. Nothing more and nothing less. PPP is not there to serve the people. PPP is a spent force and it has been long dead even before the respected SP Seenivasagam passed away. All that has been going on is a charade. UMNO is keeping PPP mainly to divide the Indians. And giving you goons the crumbs is not much of a cost is it?

Best thing the both of you can do is to go into a dark room and have a box out as in the Tamil Movies. The best thing to happen for the Indian Community is a double knock-out. Except for a few ball suckers and sycophants the Indian Community will not miss you. Otherwise, the first to emerge will have the passport to carry on the charade, perhaps until the next GE or sooner when Najib decides to bury the both of you together.

STAR tabloid – stop wasting valuable media space with the PPP antics. Everyone knows that you are NOT doing this for puritanical reasons such as public interest and concern for democracy or public interest. You are know very well that PPP is a spent force. You are doing this merely to make MCA look good and detract people from the rotten smell floating out from MCA.


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