Malaysia ranks number 2 in crime against woman?

SEAPARK , .....

rogol 2Indonesian gangs rapes any females - BEWARE !!!
These creatures that look like human called Indonesians are now raping 8
years old girl....!!! Please set up an alarm system in your house...!!! The
money is not worth saving......!!! It will be too late for all you know.
These Indonesians would rape any females ranging from 1 year old to as old
as 90 years old.

Police have mounted an inter-state manhunt for a notorious gang which
robbed a couple before raping their eight-year-old daughter in their Kepong
home on Monday. They believe the same gang is also behind Tuesday's
incident where a 31-year-old housewife was gang raped by five men in front
of her husband at a house in Kelana Jaya after relieving them off RM30,000
in cash and valuables. In the first incident on Monday, three
knife-wielding men broke into house in Bukit Maluri, Kepong, at 2.30am and
held up  the family. The robbers, who entered from the back door, then
threatened the couple and their three children before tying them and
ransacking the house.

Several minutes later, two of the robbers took the couple's eldest daughter
to a room and allegedly raped her... The gang then fled after 40 minutes
with about RM5,000 in cash and valuables.

City police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Meor Chek Hussin Mahayuddin said police
had also beefed-up patrols in the area. They are liaising with their
counterparts in Negri Sembilan where the gang is believed to be also

MUST READ THIS STATEMENT subject: Malaysia     is finally number 2 in
something! Don't work too late (MALAYSIABOLEH!) Not to scare anyone.. But,
it is good to be watchful rather than feel sorry later.!!!
Malaysia     is finally number 2 in something! Don't work too late, It's
always good to be very careful.!
Don't work too late, ladies, please take care and you men please tell your
wife to make sure that they are not alone when they stay back to work.

Here is the true incident.
There is a girl was raped and murdered. She went back to work on a public
holiday with another girl, the boyfriend even packed lunch for them and
later when the girls wanted to go home, the car couldn't start and the
other girl's boyfriend who came to pick her up didn't wait because the girl
told them to go off first and there was a security guard helping her. She
didn't come home that night and they found her body in a burnt car
abandoned in a rubber estate in Dengkil on the 3rd day.
The guard reported to work and acted normal during the police investigation
but when the police questioned him again, he remembered the color of her
clothes in detail and they noticed that the hair on his hands were seared
although there was no burnt marks. He finally admitted that he is the one
that killing her. There was no cover up but the case was not publish in the

Don't ever trust the security guards.
Be sure to keep the office door lock. Hey girls, be forewarned and please
be doubly, even triply cautious whenever there is a need to stay back late
at work. If at all possible, leave the plant/company early when there are
still people around. Better yet, if there is still work that must
absolutely be completed by that day, bring it home!
Just heard about a rape case at a MNC(multinational company) which just
happened sometimes back last year. The victim is married with kids, she
worked till 11.00 pm. Security guard raped her in the toilet. She managed
to escape and drove herself to the hospital.

Next day, the other employees was shocked to see the condition of the
toilet.. Blood and her hair everywhere, and all the brooms and mops were
broken. The police later came and arrested the security guard, who still
reported for work the next day. However, they manage to cover it up, not
even come up in the newspaper or any media.
I can't imagine how such cases have been covered up in Malaysia . It's
because they are MNC. (This is a sad reality)

Please girls, don't put your life in danger by working late or being
negligent. You can never be too careful nowadays. Malaysia ranks number 2
in crime against woman.
Please send this to all your female friends

these Indons are doing what they are good at
remember this:

AK : We might as well close the boarder between Sabah and Kalimantan!



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3 responses to “Malaysia ranks number 2 in crime against woman?

  1. Anonymous

    This article is blatant racial stereotyping of the very worst kind.

    While it is prudent to be aware of gang-related activities, blaming it all on one people is absurd.

    At the very least, the article should not have been circulated in its entirety…

  2. Tadpole

    This is a scary fact and thanks for the info.
    Where you got the statistics?

  3. Anti Kronisma

    Info From a respective source. Anyway did not meant to offend our Indonesian brothers….lol

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