Indonesian Embassy denies it failed to help Manohara

manohara-odelia-pinotKUALA LUMPUR, Mon:

The Indonesian Embassy here has denied claims that it did not assist Manohara Odelia Pinot when she needed help.

The embassy’s minister counselor in charge of information and public relations Widayarka Ryananta told the NST that it had taken several steps to enquire into the well-being of the 17-year-old model.

In an interview with Indonesian television on Sunday, Manohara expressed disappointment with the Indonesian envoy to Malaysia for accusing her of lying, when she needed help.

“They said I was lying when I told them that I was not happy. They said I was happy in Kuala Lumpur (and) in Kelantan. But then they didn’t even check… they did not even call me,” she said.

Widayarka explained that on April 6 the embassy had written to the Kelantan palace seeking an audience with the Sultan on Manohara.
The embassy, Widayarka said, had also taken steps to enquire and resolve allegations that Manohara’s mother, Daisy Fajarina, was denied permission to enter Malaysia.

He said the matter was brought up during Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s visit to Indonesia recently and it was eventually followed up with the Foreign Ministry here.

Widayarka said the matter was resolved and Daisy was allowed entry into Malaysia.

On May 6 the Kelantan palace responded to their queries on Manohara and said that she was fine and well taken care of, he said.

He said the Indonesian Embassy had explained to the palace on the need for Manohara to maintain communications with her mother, Daisy.

“There is no truth that we did not do anything, We did everything we could,” he said, adding that communications with the palace tapered down after the Sultan fell ill.

Indonesian police yet to receive formal complaint from Manohara


Indonesian police have so far not received any formal complaint from Indonesian model Manohara Odelia Pinot about the alleged physical abuse she suffered in Malaysia, a spokesman said.

“We have so far not received any formal report on the case. Moreover, it happened in Malaysia,” Indonesia’s Antara news agency quoted the National Police Headquarters’ chief information officer, Insp Gen Abubakar Nataprawira, as saying here on Monday.

Manohara returned to Indonesia on May 31, 2009, with the assistance of the Indonesian and US embassies in Singapore as well as the Singapore police.

Meanwhile, Tengku Faizasyah, a spokesman of the foreign affairs ministry, said the government was ready to facilitate diplomatically if Manohara Pinot filed a complain officially.

“If Manohara wants to press charges in legal terms, we are ready to help,” he said.
However, Tengku Faizasyah said Manohara had so far not contacted the foreign ministry, so the ministry had no idea what issue needed to be given priority in dealing with the case.

Upon her return in Jakarta last Sunday (May 31), Indonesia’s teenage model Manohara Odelia Pinot claimed that she was harrased and confined by her Malaysian prince husband.

She also claimed that she was constantly guarded and spent most of her time in her bedroom in the palace.

On May 30, she was in Singapore, as her father-in law suffered a heart attack and needed treatment, and while staying at the Royal Plaza Hotel, Manohara secretly called the Singaporean police requesting help.

AK : Most low ranking indonesian Police and civil servant are highly corrupted even worse than Malaysia. Nevertheless they are not C4 bomb expert…



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2 responses to “Indonesian Embassy denies it failed to help Manohara

  1. M

    This story like happened to Jacqueline Pascarl, an Australian. Who was married to a Malaysian Prince, Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah in 1981. The Prince was also from the northern-east state of Terengganu, not far from Kelantan. She married when she was 17 years old. She claimed sexually abused by the Prince and escaped to Australia in 1985. And her children were kidnapped by her ex-husband Malaysian Prince in 1992.
    The case received wide attention in both Malaysia and Australia Press at the time

  2. Gilip

    Are the royal family immune to law? We have to act like Hang Tuah. Yes Tuanku

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