Unduk Ngadau pledges to promote Sabah

Unduk Ngadau 2009

KAAMATAN QUEEN… Appey Rowenna (seated) is flanked by first runner-up Pearl Dianne (second right) and second runner-up Joanne Kimberly. Third runner-up, Flina Rutum of Tamparuli is at right and fourth runner-up, Jacqueline Joseph of Keningau at left.

PENAMPANG: Appey Rowenna Januin from Kampung Tomui, Papar, was crowned the 2009 Unduk Ngadau during the grand finals at the state-level Kaamatan celebrations yesterday.

The 18-year-old student said that she was totally surprised by the result because of the stiff competition in this year’s event.

However, she was happy and proud to represent Papar and promised to do her best in promoting Sabah.

Appey also expressed gratitude to her family for their constant support in pursuing her dream to be an Unduk Ngadau and dedicated her win to them.

appeyAs this year’s winner, Appey received a total of RM39,000 in cash and prizes.

The winner was crowned by Toh Puan Dayang Masuyah Awang Japar, wife of the Sabah Head of State, Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.

The second place went to polytechnic student Pearl Dianne Petrus, 22, representing Kota Kinabalu City Hall while the third placing went to Joanne Kimberly J. Majalap, 19, from Penampang.


AK Brain Quiz : Do you know, 

Unduk Ngadau is a beauty pageant held during Kaamatan in Sabah, Malaysia. The word comes from ‘Runduk Tadau’ which literally means ‘the girl crowned by sunlight’.

The Unduk Ngadau, or Harvest Festival queen, symbolizes Huminodun, the sacrificed daughter of Kinorohingan. It is also believed that she is the first who teach Bobohizan the ritual mantra that exist until today.

The pageant was formerly known as Miss Kadazan (1960-1970), Miss Harvest Festival (1971-1980), Ratu Kaamatan (1981-1990). The current Unduk Ngadau title has been in place since 1991.


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One response to “Unduk Ngadau pledges to promote Sabah

  1. tze bao thien....

    appey rowena.first time i see at website i think this finalist get a undukngadau winner…………congratulation….kopibansaian do odou tagayo do kaamatan toisanan kumaa tompinai……….

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