Investors demand Mirza Gemilang to return deposits

Mirza 1TENOM: Several Gemilang Mirza Sdn Bhd’s investors here have demanded that the company returns their deposits amounting RM10,000 to RM100,000.

The investors said they had lost faith in the company whom they alleged to have absconded after taking their deposits more than a year ago.

Their spokesman, Udin bin Bakiwoh, 44, said that the company started operating in the district sometime in September 2008 and had successfully attracted more than 100 investors into its scheme. Each investor was required to pay a minimal deposit of RM10,000.

Udin, who is a village headman, said that the company’s objective was to promote bumiputera entrepreneurs into a direct selling business as stock agents, a venture that promised huge returns.

He admitted that many people including civil servants and farmers were attracted by the scheme.

Their hopes faded after learning about reports that the company was alleged to have been operating illegally.

On May 27, the company and two of its directors were charged in the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court with receiving deposits from the public worth more than RM23 million without a licence, an offence under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989.

They will be tried on 19-21, January next year.

“We have no choice but to ask for the company to return our money immediately failing which we will lodge a police report,” warned Udin.

He said losing their life’s savings to the scheme has caused physical and mental stress among the investors.

AK : OK, Saman saja durang tu.


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