Ah Long chops off limb after man fails to pay RM8,000

chop-handA MAN’s right hand was chopped off by one of the accomplices of an Ah Long after he failed to settle his debt, reported Harian Metro.

The victim was at home with his wife and two-year-old child when the debt collectors turned up at the gate.

“The man rushed out when they started yelling for him. But he was beaten up very badly. The debt collectors then chopped off his right hand with a parang,” a source said.

The incident was witnessed by the wife and child.

It is understood that the suspects had earlier threatened to kill the victim if he did not clear his RM8,000 debt within a week.

The victim has lodged a report on the attack at the Banting police station.

Although the suspect has been identified, no arrest has yet been made and the victim is still seeking treatment at the hospital.

Kuala Langat OCPD Supt Mohamad Radzi Ishak confirmed the police report.

AK : Ala-ala Hudud world?


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