Tengku Fakhry-Manohara is husband-wife private issue: Palace?


The Kelantan palace has described the matter between Tengku Temenggong Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra and his Indonesian model wife Manohara Odelia Pinot as something private between a husband and his wife. In its first-ever comment on the matter, the palace said the issue should be settled in accordance with the law. The press statement, signed by the comptroller Datuk Abdul Halim Hamad, also commented on statements made by Mohd Soberi Shafii.

“All his statements are made in his personal capacity as a friend of Tengku Temenggong Kelantan. They are not official statements from the palace or the sultan’s office,” Halim wrote.

He, however, made no mention of a man known as Ikhsan, who had also come to the defence of the Kelantan prince.

The comptroller also urged Malaysians, especially those from Kelantan, to understand that the sultan was still being treated at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, and to pray for his speedy recovery.

Manohara beauty 2Indonesian newspapers and news websites have gone to town over the past few days with various allegations made by Manohara.
Mohd Soberi, in turn, has also gone to the media including television to defend the prince, always mentioning that he was speaking as a friend of Tengku Fakhry.

Among others, he had challenged Manohara to undergo a medical test by independent doctors in any country other than Malaysia or Indonesia to prove her allegations that Tengku Fakhry had physically and sexually abused her during their marriage, including injecting her with tranquillisers whenever she protested his behaviour.

The beautiful 17-year-old former model claimed she made a dramatic dash to freedom from Tengku Fakhry last Sunday during the royal family’s trip to Singapore to visit the Kelantan sultan.

This was vehemently denied by Mohd Soberi, who told the media that the prince allowed her to leave.

Another of the prince’s friend identified as Ikhsan told local Indonesian TV stations that Manohara’s allegations of being held against her will were lies.

“The prince let her go,” Ikhsan was reported as saying.

Amy Chew reports from Jakarta that Ikhsan told the TV interview that Tengku Fakhry would like Manohara to go for a medical check-up to prove that he had not abused her.

“He would like the medical check-up to be in a neutral country. If it is proven that the allegations are untrue, Manohara and mother must be prepared to be sued,” Ikhsan was quoted as saying.

Manohara is scheduled to undergo a medical check-up in Indonesia but no date is given.

Meanwhile, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was also reported in the Indonesia media as saying that the issue must be resolved.

Detik.com, a well-respected local internet news portal, said Yudhoyono made the remarks after attending the Asean-South Korea in South Korea .

He also asked all parties involved to be circumspect in resolving the issue and should speak based on the truth.

“We must also know what is and what is not a private affair,” Yudhoyono was quoted as saying.

AK :  Kalau tiada angin , manakan pokok boleh bergoyang…. fikirlah wahai sang putera Kelantan…..



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7 responses to “Tengku Fakhry-Manohara is husband-wife private issue: Palace?

  1. Observer

    I just find the stories of Manohara odd. First of all, i saw some news saying she is half french (assuming that her father is french), then other news told that her father is an American. Another news reported that her real father is actually in jail now, and that her mother is a known liar, a manipulative woman, and has a very bad reputation. She was even supposed to be jailed in France for abusing someone! From the pictures and from videos in youtube, Manohara looks fine, no tension in her face at all! I saw in 2 videos that she was smiling while talking to the prince, there was no sign of tension. If you say that they force her to smile, come on, if you are being abused, it is impossible to smile all the time! She looked calm and polite, so signs of tension at all! And why do they have to go so public? In my opinion, an abused victim would flinch, or even refuse to talk about the tortures, but she just told the reporters about it without any sign of disgust, as if she wasn’t talking about anything bad..if you mute it, you won’t even know she was talking about the alleged abuse! This incident was made so public by mother and daughter, as if there was no shame at all. If it was me, I would consider it as a personal matter and its enough if only the embassies, the police, and family knows about this. I would be to ashamed to even talk about it. In conclusion, its all just very odd…

  2. Switzerland

    Thank you Observer. I totally agree with you there. She was all smiles in the videos, I mean , come on! You were tortured weren’t u?Oh and let’s say she waaas forced to smile, she mustve been a hella good actress..Which means..she’s a bloody good actress (DUH!) and liar after all!
    Mum..hah!she wore the head scarf to portray the “I’m worried over my underage daughter etc” but pls..if u chk out her pics…ewlll…she can pass as an “Aged-hooker”…
    I was rather neutral when this case came out..but after some research, I’d bet It was all a scam by Indonesia’s Reality Soap Opera.

  3. huda

    so what about to check American embassy and police in Singapore to know the truth

  4. cinnamon

    observer & switzerland…
    you think you know everything about this case…i believe you know nothing but shit, smart ass like you always think that you always right and never wrong….you have no right to judge her..why don’t you mind your own business….get a live men,instead of posting stupid comment!!

  5. Observer

    To cinnamon: it should be “get a life” not “get a live”, hahahaha!
    Watch this and tell me if you still think she is not acting. Someone abused can actually think of reliving the memories of… being ABUSED? They even think of making a movie about her life in the dreadful palace. That fast? Wow! Bravo Manohara, you are such a good actress.


  6. United

    To Observer:I’d agreed with you!If you are in a condition which is (abuse) critically,why you were so busy making a movie a make a cheap pubilisity regarding your own private life?A person that been abused should’t be smiling all the time in front the cameras and posing very nicely.It’s just a common sense that this kind of people were always gonna play with fire.Doens’t mean me or we are in Tengku side but for all the information i read and see..this is just a normal drama happening in our daily life.But in Mano case,if she trying to lie or tengku tried to lie so the exact person should get the punishment!

  7. Someone

    It’s a complicated story to understand but i know everything. I’m from the royal family of Kelantan but i can’t say a thing about this case. It will only bring me trouble. Btw, i’m not lying to you. I know everything because i am a very close ‘friend’ a.k.a. ))) to TT. I even meet Manohara every day. Not anymore. I can tell you but i can’t because if some worker for the palace checks this place then he’ll automatically know me. I can’t tell my age or even anything. My trouble means BIG TROUBLE. From Tengku Anis and from TT. I’m not saying TT is evil but i’m not saying Daisy is innocent.

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