Maid’s sexual ordeal

HeadMaidMan stalks and terrorises domestic help into having sex

HER husband would stalk and terrorise their 22-year-old maid whenever she and her child were not home.

To lure the maid into having sex with him, the man, who is in his 40s, would make lewd signs and show pornographic films to her.

During one incident when there was a blackout in their home in Bandar Puteri Puchong on May 13, the man sneaked into the maid’s room after his wife had gone to a relative’s house, Harian Metro reported.

“The maid had gone to sleep at 11.30pm when the man went into the room and lay next to her. He tried to hug her but she put up a struggle and fled from the house,” said a police source.

The maid had tried to seek help from the neighbour and her agent but was instead told to return to her employer’s house.

“The sexual abuse continued when the husband tried to molest her while she was cooking in the kitchen. The man approached the maid from behind and pulled down her panties. He wanted to rape her but she screamed. The man had earlier threatened to kill her if she refused his advances,” he said.

Unable to put up with the abuse, the maid told a relative about her ordeal and the matter finally reached the ears of the man’s wife.

Upon hearing about her husband’s wayward ways, the wife – a real estate agent – brought the maid to the police station to lodge a report.

The husband was subsequently detained and put in the lock-up.

The maid had been working for the couple since August.

> Rumours are circulating that Major Dr Faiz Khalid, the country’s other Angkasawan, is searching for a place to hold his wedding with TV3’s Majalah Tiga host Nurul Syuhada.

“If there is a suitable location, the ceremony will be held at the end of this year. The latest would be in early 2010,” a source told Kosmo!’s entertainment gossip columnist, who pens the section “Marilyn Cantik.”


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