MANOHARA AFFAIR: Police to record statements after prince lodge report

Manohara & MomPolice will record statements from several people, including Manohara Odelia Pinot, the estrangled wife of Kelantan prince Tengku Temenggong Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra and her mother Daisy Fajarina, following a police report lodged by him in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

Deputy Kelantan police chief Datuk Amir Hamzah Ibrahim said the statements were needed to assist the police into the case.

“We are now studying the report and as in any other investigation, we will record statements from those implicated or believed to have links to the allegations in the report.

“Obviously, we will need the co-operation of Manohara and her mother,” he said.

Manohara, a former Indonesian model, flew back to Indonesia from Singapore on May 31 when she was in the republic with her husband to visit the Sultan of Kelantan who was warded at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital.
As soon as she returned to Indonesia, Manohara, who married Tengku Fakhry in August last year, was reported to have made various statements in the Indonesian media, including claims that she was abused by him.

Tengku Fakhry, the third son of Sultan Ismail Petra, in his report lodged at the Dang Wangi police headquarters denied the allegations made against him by Manohara, her mother and other parties.

Amir Hamzah told the New Straits Times that the investigation into the prince’s report would be carried out together with several reports against blogsites that had allegedly defamed the Kelantan royal household.

Police are investigating the cases under the Penal Code for defamation.



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2 responses to “MANOHARA AFFAIR: Police to record statements after prince lodge report

  1. aina

    almost 3 quarter dada CPT Manohara terdedah tapi kenapa tak secalit merahpun kelihatan kesan kena razornya..di gambar yang di katakan bukti penderaan.. banyak sekali kesan2nya..

  2. Observer

    Yes, I always wonder why she wears clothes that reveals part of her chest, and there are no red marks as they claimed, if she really did go for medical checkup and they confirmed that there are marks on the chest, well, WHERE ARE THEY IN THE PICTURES? It is all a publicity stunt, and I don’t trust pictures from camera phones. She probably staged the whole thing to escape her life as a royalty.

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