More discrimination for Non-Muslim Pig Breader from UMNO Sabah?

Flying PigAll pig farms must register

Papar: All illegal pig farms in Sabah must register and apply for licences before July 1, this year, or face the music.

Issuing the warning, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin said an order requiring them to apply for the licence was issued when the Control of Livestock Activities (Pig) Rules 2008,(Pig rules 007) was gazetted on Feb. 12 (digeset oleh penindas-babi)this year.

He said warning letters would be issued to operators of pig farms that fail to submit their applications to Dovsai

He said several meetings and briefings have been conducted with the Sabah Livestock Association and operators of pig farms to introduce the new provision and the development of the Pig Farming Area (PFA) in Telupid.

Yahya revealed that audit on all pig farms would begin on July 25 this year followed by meetings to process the applications for operating licences.

“Those operators or owners who fail to procure the licence due to not complying with the minimum requirement of ‘Good Husbandry Practices’ (GAHP) or other relevant legal requirements, will be enlisted into a group of farms that will be given consultancy services.

taken from : Sabah Daily Express

AK : Sampai bila lagi kerajaan pimpinan UMNO SABAH mahu menindas penternak Babi di Sabah? Penternak ayam pun risiko terkena selsema burung? Kenapa pendaftaran tak diperlukan? Kenapa Y.’Bijak’ Yahya Hussien tak fikir sensitiviti bukan Islam di Sabah?

What does it mean by register? More $$, more Government officers ‘kacau’ the penternak. More Rasuah demand! More anger! More loosing next election?? hope not…



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