Ex-lover circulates man’s nude pictures

A man is appealing to his former girlfriend to stop circulating his nude pictures and to destroy them.

Ng Lum Heng, 44, of Puchong sought the help of the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department after the woman cut off all contact with him.

He claimed he had been living with the 42-year-old woman for three years.

They had met through a friend. In April, Ng decided to take up a job in Qatar for a month because he was facing financial problems.

However, the woman thought it was an excuse to leave her and they had an argument.

While in Qatar, both communicated through the Internet and used the webcam. Ng claimed the woman had saved images of him in the nude.

On returning from Qatar, he discovered the woman had emptied out the house where they were staying.

He did not suspect anything amiss. They even went on a holiday together but Ng did not see the woman after that.

They still kept in touch through the phone with the woman always urging him to divorce his wife.

He had left his wife of nine years and two young sons due to marital problems.

On June 20, his wife, friends and colleagues received e-mails containing his nude pictures.

Ng lost his job in Qatar as a result.

He does not plan to lodge a police report but will do so if the woman does not stop circulating the pictures.

Department chief Datuk Michael Chong said he had received 22 similar cases since 2006, four of them involving male victims.

In more than half of the cases, the victims were unaware they were being filmed.


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