Mana Perjuangan Mu – Melayu Hipokrik?




Beijing: The Chinese state news agency reported Monday that at least
129 people were killed and 816 injured when rioters clashed with the
police in a regional capital in western China after days of rising
tensions between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese.

The rioting broke out Sunday afternoon in a large market area of
Urumqi, the capital of the vast, restive desert region of Xinjiang,
and lasted for several hours before riot police officers and
paramilitary or military troops locked down the Uighur quarter of the
city, according to witnesses and photographs of the riot.

Rioters on Sunday overturned barricades, attacking vehicles and houses, and clashed violently with police, according to media and witness accounts. State television aired footage showing protesters attacking and kicking people on the ground. Other people, who appeared to be Han Chinese, sat dazed with blood pouring down their faces. The demonstrators had been demanding justice for two Uighurs killed last month during a fight with Han Chinese co-workers at a factory in southern China.

At least 1,000 rioters threw stones at the police and set vehicles on
fire, sending plumes of smoke into the sky, while police officers used
fire hoses and batons to beat back rioters and detain Uighurs who
appeared to be leading the protest, witnesses said.
The casualty numbers appeared to be murky and shifting on Monday. A
one-line report by Xinhua, the state news agency, giving the estimate
of 129 dead and 816 injured attributed the numbers to the regional
police department, but did not quote officials by name and did not
have any details. Earlier, Xinhua had reported that three civilians
and one police officer had been killed.

So in what sense are the “China Muslims” the “target” here? It looks as if they are fairly efficiently targeting the Han Chinese. But in the Malaysian mainstream media, of course, Muslims are always the victims, no matter what.

Mana perginya Melayu Hipokrik ??
Tidakkah kerana Islam yang kamu perjuangkan ?
Kenapa tidak hulurkan tangan mu memberikan bantuan?
Lihat lah berita ini, Di mankah letaknya perjuangan mu?

Perjuangan anda kerana Islam atau kerana Nama ?
Kenapa pula tidak hantar pemuda UMNO tunjuk perasaan di depan Kedutaan China?
Apabila Micheal Jackson meninggal dunia, Melayu hipokrik asyik
mengatakan Mikaeel itu Nama
Islamnya. Mereka ini berniat sehingga mengislamkan MJ … lucunya

Haram sini haram sana
Memang kau sakan
Kalau isu perkauman
Otakmu cederdik kuman

Oooi …Melayu hipokrik. Cubalah berjuangan atas nama human right,
adakah pengganas Muslim Uighurs itu bermazhab lain. Lalu anda
singkirkan ?
Selagi Kau tunjuk perasaan depan duta Cina ,
Najib akan jatuh tangga … KAKAKAKA ..


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