Give Kadazandusun based party chance to represent their people: Tailin

Godfrey Daya (left) and Tailin Mainan (right) at UPKO Kimanis meeting 0809Membakut : In conjunction with the on-going Election Commission (EC) re-delineation exercise of state constituency in Sabah, UPKO Kimanis Division chief Mr. Tailin Mainan suggest that Barisan Nasional especially UMNO should give chance to its Kadazandusun Murut based party counterpart to represent their own community in all constituency. This is inline with the principal of power sharing concept which upheld by all of Barisan Nasional component party. He was speaking during Kimanis UPKO divisional meeting recently in Membakut. 

Mr. Tailin reiterate that some UMNO members should stop making claims for KDM seats especially through the mass media.

 “What is happening in Kota Marudu and Keningau is disheartening. Making claims on KDM majority seats and asking a Barisan Nasional component deputy president to give up his seat is ridiculous. Who give them authority to dictate other component party? ” 

He urges all UPKO members to stay calm and don’t react to such baseless claims made by some UMNO members. 

“After all UMNO have dominated more than 55% of seats in Sabah apart from contesting all bumiputera seats in West Malaysia. UPKO never argue this.” Tailin also noted that former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had declared UPKO as the only party that represented the KDM race during the UPKO Congress in 2003. 

He believe that under the new leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib who is also the Barisan Nasional Chairman, will be fair and understand the needs of minority component party in Barisan Nasional.

Tailin, who is also UPKO supreme council member, reminded that UPKO, all these while, fighting for the KDM cause in education, language, citizenship and other matters.

“KDM community numbers are less than one million in whole entire world. We cannot determine the rules of the game because we are too few and mostly will be dictate by Malay majority “We just want to make sure that the minority are well represented and respected in the country” he stressed.

Also present during the meeting were Kimanis UPKO  Deputy Chief, Gundohing Godfrey Daya, all division members as well as Kimanis UPKO wing leaders Wilfred Stephen and Cecilia Ondoi.



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3 responses to “Give Kadazandusun based party chance to represent their people: Tailin

  1. Masain

    UMNO, Jangan di cabar masyarakat Kadazan Dusun & Murut!

  2. Arthur

    Bravo & congretulations UPKO Kimanis. Any BN compenant party shouldn’t contest more than 50% of the sits available. Infact the power swaring concept should be discussed to achieved more geniun distribution. The formula 4:4:2 perhap one of the best solution. The State Carbinat has 6 full ministers from Anak Negeri Muslim, 2 Anak Negeri Non-Muslim and 3 Chinese. Pitty to Anak Negeri Non-Muslim.

  3. Joseph

    UMNO= Parti Kaki buyuk!!!!!!!!!

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