Former Govt printing Dept Director passes away

Sipitang: Former Sabah Director of the Government Printing Department, Charles Ayub Tabed (pic), passed away at the age of 58 at his hometown early Sunday.

He is survived by his wife Anna Sali and five children.

charles tabad

He was also a former State footballer and one of the four Lundayeh boys selected to represent Sabah in the Burnly Cup and Borneo Cup in 1971 and 1972.

Tabed was responsible for setting up a body to take care of the welfare of people from villages in Tenom and Sipitang when they visited sick family members at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Later, he helped form the famous Dayeh United Football and Hockey Clubs.

He was responsible for drafting the constitution of the Persatuan Lundayeh Sabah and later became its first secretary-general and eventually elected as one of its presidents.

In honour of his dedication and commitment to his job, Tabed was awarded the ADK in 2000 and ASDK in 2007 by Head of State Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.



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