KD TAR –M’sia Day gift for Sabah?

14th September, 2009

KOTA KINABALU: A few years ago, the idea of a submarine housed in this state of Sabah, the northern part of Borneo Island, would have been just a dream.

But come Sept 17, that dream would turn into a reality as the nation’s first submarine, after crossing the South China Sea, will dock at its permanent berth at the Royal Malaysian Navy’s (RMN) base in Sepanggar Bay, the second largest after the Lumut base in Perak.


I refer New Sabah Times news dated 14 Sept 2009. I dont see any assurance that this 3.4 billion sub will stop the infuxing illigal immigrant to Sabah waters.  Unless this is yet proven, no use for Malaysia to buy such an expensive submarine where as this $$$ could be used on Sabah’s main road repair & construction especially for the interior road.

Sabah still needs extra RM10b for new roads

15th September, 2009RANAU: Sabah is still in need of an additional RM10 billion to upgrade and construct new roads, said Rural Development Minister, Datuk Ewon Ebin.He said although the federal government had approved RM4 billion for road construction and repairs in Sabah and Sarawak, the amount is far from sufficient.

“This is still not enough to meet the demand”, he said while acknowledging however that both the state and federal governments are committed in wanting to meet the people’s needs.

Speaking during a meeting with villagers of Kg Mansalu and Kg Tundagon here yesterday, Ewon stressed the need for better roads in the state for they form the basic channel for other types of development to be distributed particularly in the rural areas.

Also present were Ranau MP Datuk Siringan Gubat, Kundasang assemblyman Dr Joachim Gunsalam as well as state and federal government officers.

 New Sabah Times dont  simply publish a ‘feel good channel’ news for the people of Sabah.


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