About the blog’s direction Pakatan or BN?

Harapan Baru
Harapan Baru


Are you a minority Malaysian? Do you feel neglected by unwanted propoganda and neglect by your country. This blog created by me to unable us to interact and share information about the ‘real Malaysia’. ….Harapan Baru.   

After G.E.12 8 March 2008, whole malaysian politics has change,  Sabah & Sarawak  are the key to sucess for either Barisan or Pakatan to form the Federal Government. Are we simply a dog watcher ….or participater… Do we want to be a ‘Masyarakat civil’  and a transparency Government or continue to be dominated by corruption, nepotism and opression.

Will BN ever learn? will Pakatan ever rule malaysia? answer up to you.  Kebangkitan Masyarakat Civil & Minority Malaysia telah bermula!




7 responses to “About the blog’s direction Pakatan or BN?

  1. Poppy


    Sabahan & Sarawakian mindsets are totally different as compared to peninsular people (not to generalise). Sabah & Sarawak has the history to live in unity and harmoniously for a hundred years, despite some differences of political ideology. However the issues about the word of “Allah”, will harm our unity. Nik Aziz has clearly stated his view based on the evidence. Ansari Abdullah also shared his feelings of being proud when other races/ religions use the word of “Allah”. It is the symbol of our unity in Sabah/sarawak. We cannot let this kind of ideology to corrupt our Sabahan/Sarawkian’s mindsets. We love our neighbour, relatives from different religions and races, we dont want to lose them by this kind of propaganda. please dont implement it in Sabah/Sarawak. We Love Sabahan/Sarawakian

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Wawasan

    Perbaiki ‘grammar’ anda.Yang lain ok la tu.

  4. JomoSamaTuaran

    Nak jadi peserta…biarlah jadi peserta yang berkualiti, bukan macam pak turut atau pak pacak. Tanyalah diri tu sendiri… adakah aku ini menyumbang pada negara atau kasi `sumbang’ perjalanan pembangunan negara. Ruang dan peluang sentiasa terbuka… kenapa tidak gunakan sebaik mungkin??? Nak minta dihulur dalam talam emas…hanya kerana Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak bergabung dengan Semenanjung dalam membentuk Negara Malaysia…???
    Janganlah buta MATA, HATI, TELINGA, OTAK, MULUT, dan segala-galanya hanya kerana ahli-ahli UMNO Sabah dapat kelebihan dari yang lain di SABAH ini.

  5. dusun boy

    good site, im deeply sad with our malaysian’s malaysia at this moment, corrupted man was backed by corrupted government, local tribes are being sacked by illegal foreigners and many more..

    im worry how does my children live in future…

  6. BunduLiwan

    Think of this.
    1. 16 september never recognized by UMNO and Federal.
    2. Races/ethnic in Sabah and Sarawak categorised as ‘lian-lain’ (including orang utan kah?)
    3. Sabahan and Sarawakian considerd as 4th class citizenship in Malaysia.
    4. UMNO leaders from Sabah never make own dessicion but follow the top ideas.
    5. West Malaysian called them as Malaysia and we are Sabah or Sarawak.Never learn geography.
    So. Whre do we put our distiny of not to those promise us better future. If Malay, Chinese and Indian reject UMNO and BN why not we?

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