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Mutilated Playboy model Jasmine Fiore identified by her breast implants

Lisa Lepore, second from right, mother of former model Jasmine Fiore, is comforted by unidentified family friends at news conference at the Buena Park City Hall, in a Buena Park, California

Lisa Lepore, second from right, mother of former model Jasmine Fiore, is comforted by unidentified family friends at news conference at the Buena Park City Hall, in a Buena Park, California Photo: AP
Jasmine Fiore, who has been identified as the woman whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase and placed in a dumpster.

Jasmine Fiore, who has been identified as the woman whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase and placed in a dumpster. Photo: GETTY/AP
Reality show contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins sought in model's death

Police believe Ryan Alexander Jenkins reported her missing on Saturday night – after her body had been found – and then disappeared when detectives said they wanted to talk to him Photo: SPLASH
Investigators in California said Jasmine Fiore, 28, was identified using the serial number from her implants because detectives could not use fingerprints or dental records.

The US authorities are hunting for Ryan Alexander Jenkins her boyfriend, a reality TV contestant, who on Thursday was charged with her murder.

 Miss Fiore had her fingers and teeth “forcibly removed”, prosecutors said.

Mr Jenkins, 32, is thought to haev slipped into Canada after driving and power-boating more than 1,000 miles from southern California after the corpse of Miss Fiore was found in a suitcase dumped in a rubbish bin in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“The victim had been badly beaten, all of her fingers had been cut off, and all of her teeth had been forcibly removed,” said a statement from the California prosecutors.

Canada said its security forces were looking for Mr Jenkins.

Police believe Mr Jenkins reported her missing on Saturday night – after her body had been found – and then disappeared when detectives said they wanted to talk to him.

Mr Jenkins was a contestant on the VH1 reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire, a US television show in which men with a net worth of at least $1 million vie to win a woman seeking to become a “trophy wife”. He is variously described as an architect, property developer and investment banker.


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100 ex-Malaysians march to press for British citizenship

LONDON: More than 100 Malaysian British Overseas Citizens (BOCs) staged a peace march yesterday as part of their campaign to lobby for British citizenship.

Most of them are from Penang and Malacca who had renounced their Malay-sian citizenship but now find themselves stateless as they are not entitled to British nationality.

They are part of over 500 BOCs in Bri-tain who are in a quandary after being misled into giving up their Malaysian passports as a route towards acquiring British citizenship.

 stateless ex MalaysianRefugees: The Malaysian BOCs and supporters during their peace march in central London Monday.

Holding placards and banners declaring “Where is our home?” and “We are victims of limbo,” they marched from Westminster Abbey to the Home Office nearby at about 1pm, attracting attention from the lunch-time crowd.

A six-member delegation later presented a letter to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas’ private secretary Oliver Ferrari, seeking a meeting with the minister to look into the plight of the Malaysian BOCs.

Among those in the group were two BOCs identified only as Tracy and Edward, London Chinese Information and Advice Centre’s Malaysian chairman councillor Edmond Yeo, London Citizens’ co-ordinator Jessica Jones, Brentwood vicar-general Father John Armitage and St Bonaventure School’s head student Senyo Aidm.

“The BOCs have been poorly advised, causing them to live in destitution, fear and exploitation,” said Yeo, who was among the community leaders who turned up to give their support.

These former Malaysians acquired BOC status by virtue of being born in Penang and Malacca before 1983 following an amendment to the British Nationality Act, which created a residual BOC category.

Newlywed Lim, who is one of those affected, said he felt sad that he could not go for his honeymoon in Paris despite being married nine months ago.

“We’ve saved money for the trip but it’s still a dream as I am stranded in Britain,” said the 33-year-old Penangite.

Lim is facing an even worse predicament, as his BOC passport, along with his Malaysian driving licence and cut-up Malaysian passport, were seized by the Home Office two years ago.

He was then detained for overstaying, spending 18 days in four detention centres, including sleeping in Heathrow Airport.

“It’s been a living nightmare. I don’t know whether I’ll be arrested or thrown into a detention centre on my next visit,” said Lim, who gave up his Malaysian citizenship in 2006 to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain status in Britain.

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A (H1N1): Malaysia reports third death

“If you have flu and cough, take it seriously,” Liow

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has recorded the first influenza A (H1N1)-related death from a local transmission, signalling that the flu in the country is worsening.

The 42-year-old man, who died on Monday, is the third victim to have died from the flu.

The two earlier deaths were linked to imported cases of the H1N1. They were a 46-year-old Malaysian man, who had worked in Belgium and died last Sunday and a 30-year-old Islamic finance student from Indonesia who died on July 21.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Malaysian man was reported to have died from severe pneumonia with multi-organ failure at 4.40pm on Monday after being treated for 10 days in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the victim had received oupatient treatments from several private clinics and hospitals since July 6 before being referred and admitted to the private hospital on July 18.

“In the ward, he was diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes mellitus and chest x-ray showed that he was also suffering from pneumonia,” he told reporters at the operations room at the Health Ministry here Tuesday.

Liow said the victim was transferred to the intensive care unit after having breathing difficulties and requiring ventilator.

He said when his condition deteriorated, a throat swab was taken on July 22 and he was confirmed to be H1N1 positive the following day.

“The swab was taken very late on July 22. Despite being in hospital, these three victims all died. They couldn’t be saved. Now we’ve found out that the treatment came to them very late. I’m very concerned.”

He said he had directed all private clinics and hospitals to be vigilant and be on high alert as well as have anti-viral drug, Tamiflu to handle the H1N1 cases.

“Everyone must be responsible and on high alert. This is a pandemic season now. If you have flu and cough, take it seriously,” he said, adding that the rate of death risk for those infected with H1N1 was 0.4% to 0.5%

He advised the public to wear mask, take care of their personal hygiene and try to practice social distancing if they were having sore throat and cough.

He said those with flu-like symptoms must go to the hospital and if confirmed to have with H1N1, they should take Tamiflu.

Asked whether local users had suffered reactions after taking Tamiflu as shown by some foreign users,

Liow said :”No. Not in Malaysia. At the early stage, the Health director-general had warned the public not to simply take Tamiflu. Take it when you have the symptoms.”

Liow also had directed the National Pandemic Preparedness Plan technical committee to address all issues, including late treatment and convey the message to the private clinics and hospitals.

He also disclosed that as at July 28, there were 95 new local H1N1 cases involving Malaysians with one death.

Of the total, 68 cases were from 19 new clusters while 22 cases were from the existing 11 clusters and five others were sporadic or isolated cases.

Up till July 28, total reported cases stood at 1,219, with three deaths reported.

Of the total, 53% or 645 are local infections while 47% or 574 are imported cases.

“Local transmission cases have exceeded imported cases. Our local infections is spreading so fast throughout the country with 19 new clusters. This is a bad sign,” Liow said.

He said 98% of the total reported cases or 1,198 have recovered while the remaining 2% or 21 cases were receiving anti-viral treatment at the hospital and at home.

Asked whether the H1N1 cases involving six students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Titiwangsa campus, who were quarantined was a new cluster case, Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican confirmed the cases but said that it was not a new cluster.

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Minum arak: Model Indonesia didenda, dirotan 100 kali di Malaysia?

Minum arak: Model didenda, disebat


Kartika ketika dijatuhi hukuman denda dan sebat kerana minum arak di Mahkamah
Tinggi Syariah Kuantan semalam.


KUANTAN – Rupanya cuma disebat 6 kali.Seorang model pelancongan dijatuhi hukuman maksimum iaitu denda RM5,000 dan enam kali sebatan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah di sini semalam selepas dia mengaku bersalah meminum arak di Hotel Legend Cherating di sini tahun lalu.

Hakim Syarie, Datuk Abdul Rahman Yunus menjatuhkan hukuman itu selepas menolak rayuan, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, 32, yang memohon dikecualikan daripada hukuman sebat, denda minimum dan tidak dipenjarakan.

Tertuduh dalam rayuannya memberi alasan ia boleh menjejaskan masa depannya.

Hakim Abdul Rahman dalam penghakimannya berkata, hukuman yang selaras dengan undang-undang harus dijatuhkan bagi menginsafkan tertuduh supaya orang ramai turut sama menjauhi arak.

“Hukuman diberikan untuk menghindar orang lain daripada meminum arak yang jelas (menjadi) ibu kepada kesalahan. Apabila minum arak, ia akan menyebabkan seseorang itu hilang akal dan melakukan pelbagai kesalahan,” katanya.

I have no comment on Syariah Law. Except that she could also be put in a rehab centre or counselling session first. I guess?


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Manohara, Daisy disaman RM105j


SAAT-SAAT bahagia Tengku Muhammad Fakhry dan Manohara selepas penikahan mereka di Istana Negeri, Kubang Kerian Ogos 2008.





KUALA LUMPUR – Tengku Temenggong Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Ismail Petra mengemukakan saman dan menuntut ganti rugi sebanyak RM105 juta daripada isteri Manohara Odelia Pinot dan ibu mentua Daisy Fajarina (gambar kecil) kerana didakwa memfitnah dan merosakkan reputasi beliau dan keluarganya.

Writ saman itu difailkan peguamnya, Mohd. Haaziq Pillay di kaunter pejabat pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi Sivil di sini pada pukul 9.20 pagi semalam.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, 31, selaku plaintif kes tersebut tidak hadir ke mahkamah.

Dalam pernyataan saman itu, Daisy dinamakan defendan pertama dan Manohara, 17, yang digelar Cik Puan Temenggong defendan kedua.

Plaintif dan defendan kedua berkahwin pada 26 Ogos 2008 dan tinggal bersama di Istana Mahkota, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. Namun selepas sembilan bulan berkahwin, defendan kedua didakwa pulang ke Indonesia tanpa kebenaran suami.

Di Indonesia, defendan kedua dan pertama didakwa mengadakan sidang akhbar bertujuan memfitnah dan memburukkan reputasi plaintif.

Kesemua sidang akhbar antara April dan Jun 2009 yang diadakan kedua-dua defendan itu didakwa mengeluarkan kata-kata umpatan dan fitnah yang kemudian diterbitkan oleh akhbar-akhbar di Indonesia dan di Malaysia.

Perkataan-perkataan yang dikeluarkan defendan didakwa merujuk plaintif sebagai menyeksa, mendera secara seksual, menculik dan mengurung secara paksa serta menghentikan perhubungan antara defendan kedua dan pertama.

“Defendan-defendan melafazkan perkataan-perkataan tersebut dengan didorong oleh keuntungan kewangan,” jelas pernyataan plaintif.

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Mana Perjuangan Mu – Melayu Hipokrik?




Beijing: The Chinese state news agency reported Monday that at least
129 people were killed and 816 injured when rioters clashed with the
police in a regional capital in western China after days of rising
tensions between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese.

The rioting broke out Sunday afternoon in a large market area of
Urumqi, the capital of the vast, restive desert region of Xinjiang,
and lasted for several hours before riot police officers and
paramilitary or military troops locked down the Uighur quarter of the
city, according to witnesses and photographs of the riot.

Rioters on Sunday overturned barricades, attacking vehicles and houses, and clashed violently with police, according to media and witness accounts. State television aired footage showing protesters attacking and kicking people on the ground. Other people, who appeared to be Han Chinese, sat dazed with blood pouring down their faces. The demonstrators had been demanding justice for two Uighurs killed last month during a fight with Han Chinese co-workers at a factory in southern China.

At least 1,000 rioters threw stones at the police and set vehicles on
fire, sending plumes of smoke into the sky, while police officers used
fire hoses and batons to beat back rioters and detain Uighurs who
appeared to be leading the protest, witnesses said.
The casualty numbers appeared to be murky and shifting on Monday. A
one-line report by Xinhua, the state news agency, giving the estimate
of 129 dead and 816 injured attributed the numbers to the regional
police department, but did not quote officials by name and did not
have any details. Earlier, Xinhua had reported that three civilians
and one police officer had been killed.

So in what sense are the “China Muslims” the “target” here? It looks as if they are fairly efficiently targeting the Han Chinese. But in the Malaysian mainstream media, of course, Muslims are always the victims, no matter what.

Mana perginya Melayu Hipokrik ??
Tidakkah kerana Islam yang kamu perjuangkan ?
Kenapa tidak hulurkan tangan mu memberikan bantuan?
Lihat lah berita ini, Di mankah letaknya perjuangan mu?

Perjuangan anda kerana Islam atau kerana Nama ?
Kenapa pula tidak hantar pemuda UMNO tunjuk perasaan di depan Kedutaan China?
Apabila Micheal Jackson meninggal dunia, Melayu hipokrik asyik
mengatakan Mikaeel itu Nama
Islamnya. Mereka ini berniat sehingga mengislamkan MJ … lucunya

Haram sini haram sana
Memang kau sakan
Kalau isu perkauman
Otakmu cederdik kuman

Oooi …Melayu hipokrik. Cubalah berjuangan atas nama human right,
adakah pengganas Muslim Uighurs itu bermazhab lain. Lalu anda
singkirkan ?
Selagi Kau tunjuk perasaan depan duta Cina ,
Najib akan jatuh tangga … KAKAKAKA ..

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Minissha Lamba tahu seks usia 15 tahun



BINTANG sensasi Bollywood, Minissha Lamba dalam satu temu bualnya dengan sebuah majalah berkata dia terbuka untuk bercakap tentang isu seks. Malah akuinya, sejak usia 15 tahun, dia sudah didedahkan dengan perkara tersebut.

“Saya berusia 15 tahun sewaktu berbicara dengan ibu tentang isu seks. Ibu menerangkan tentang proses tersebut kepada saya.

“Pada mulanya saya terkejut tapi saya tahu bahawa ia adalah perkara yang patut saya tahu. Mungkin ada orang yang tertutup untuk bercakap isu seks, tetapi tidak bagi saya kerana seks adalah satu fakta dan mengapa harus malu?” katanya yang bagaimanapun enggan mendedahkan pertama kali melakukan hubungan seks.

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