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 Taklimat penanaman Koko, getah dan lada telah diadakan oleh Pergerakan Pemuda UPKO Pusat bertempat di Dewan Perpustakaan Donggongon, Penampang baru-baru ini. Taklimat ini telah dirasmikan oleh Encik Philip Lasimbang iaitu Setiausaha Politik, Kementerian Perusahaan Perladangan, Komoditi Malaysia

 Ketibaan YBhg Philip Lasimbang Disambut Arthur Sen 5.10

Penceramah :

  1. Encik Ramlee Kassim,      Pegawai Lembaga Koko Pantai Barat & Pedalaman
  2. Encik Gilbert Goon,        Pegawai Kanan, Lembaga Lada (Sarawak)
  3. Encik Zaini Ithnin,          CEO Forest Plantation Development 

 Lebih 150 peserta bumiputera Sabah telah mengikuti taklimat ini.

 Ketua pergerakan pemuda UPKO pusat, Encik Arthur telah menegaskan bahawa teras keusahawanan adalah teras kepada perjuangan pemuda, untuk menambahkan pendapatan ekonomi pemuda.Beliau turut memberi nasihat pada para peserta taklimat bahawa masa depan mereka terletak di tangan mereka sendiri untuk berusaha.. Beliau turut juga menggesa agar kerajaan mempercepatkkan pemberian geran tanah & LUC. 

Ucapan perasmian YB Philip Lasimbang , kursus koko,getah ,lada pemuda UPKOEncik  Philip Lasimbang tertarik kepada agenda keusahawanan pemuda UPKO untuk menambahkan sumber ekonomi pemuda dan turut menjelaskan bahawa salah satu KPI kementerian aldalah membantu pekebun kecil, yang perlu pembelaan berterusan.

Beliau menegaskan masyarakat setempat perlu ambil kesempatan dari agensi-agensi kerajaan yang sudah sedia wujud untuk memajukan diri.Buliau juga mahu para penggiat pertanian mengutamakan hasil kualiti yang terbaik kerana bantuan modal, pasaran & kepakaran teknikal sudah disediakan oleh kerajaan. Beliau turut menggesa para peserta taklimat membuat keputusan cepat untuk menceburi bidang pertanian. 

Hadiah Khas juga telah disampaikan kepada Tokoh Pemuda Berjaya, Encik Jefrin Majangki, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Sistem Tagal merangkap PKR Paginatan. Hadiah & sijil ini disampaikan oleh Timbalan ketua Pemuda UPKO Pusat, YB Masiung Banah, merangkap ADUN Kuamut.

Hadiah tokoh pemuda jefrin Majangki dari Tim ketua pemuda UPKO YB Masiung Banah Taklimat 1 – Penanaman KOKO – oleh En. Ramlee Kassim


Kesesuaian Tanah

Jarak antara tanaman


Cara-cara permohonan bantuan

Pendapatan hasil Koko

Sesi soal jawab

c 088

 Ceramah 2 – Penanaman Lada Putih / Hitam – oleh En. Gilbert Goon

 Pengenalan & Vieriti tentang Lada

Kesesuaian Tapak / Tanah

Kontur & Kesesuaian Tanah

Jarak & Tiang sokongan

Menanam lada di ladang / kebun (Bakut & Dolomite)

Penyediaan & Semaian Keratan

Penyelenggaraan Kebun

Pembajaan & rumput penutup bumi

Pendapatan pengeluaran Lada Putih & Lada hitam

Borang permohonan

Sesi Soal Jawab

 Ceramah 3 – Penanaman Getah & Perkayuaan Nasional – oleh En. Zaini Ithnin


Contoh-contoh kayu berkualiti

Pengenalan spesis getah 1Malaysia

Kesesuaian Tanah

Jarak antara tanaman


Cara-cara permohonan bantuan pinjaman & dain-lain

Pendapatan  hasil penjualan lateks dan penebangan kayu selepas tahun ke 16

Sesi soal jawab

c 105

 c 106

Ahli Exco Pemuda UPKO pada Seminar Penanaman Koko, Getah, Lada


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Applications handed over to NRD by UPKO

Upko's Citizenship and Security Bureau YB Donald,Madius Tangau, Maijol Mahap, Arthur Sen, Hj JaffearKota Kinabalu: Upko’s Citizenship and Security Bureau has handed over 36 longstanding citizenship applications to the National Registration Department (NRD) in Sabah for a speedy solution.

The cases were handed over by the Bureau chief, Donald Mojuntin, during a courtesy call on the NRD Sabah Director, Haji Abdul Jaffear Henry, at the Federal Administrative Complex here.

Apart from discussing matters directly pertaining to citizenship, other related issues were raised like the issue of the Sabah Native Certificate and “Surat Berian” Wedding Status which falls under the State Native Court.

The use of the terms “Native” and “Sino-Native” in national identification documents were also queried as Upko is of the opinion that “Native” is not a specific race but just a categorical or a generic term used to describe a group of indigenous people.

“Furthermore the usage of the term is not legally accepted by the State of Sabah as it has not gone through the necessary stages to make it so. The matter should first be vetted by the State Attorney General’s office.

YB Donald Mojuntin & Hj Jaffear“When that is done, it will then have to be endorsed by the State Cabinet.

Finally it will have to pass through the State Assembly. Then and only then can it be accepted as a legal term that can be used in documents as important as our personal identifications. Otherwise it will and does create, for instance, NT land inheritance problems,” he said.

Mojuntin who is also Assistant Finance Minister and Moyog State Assemblyman and his delegation was also briefed by Jaffear on the department’s vision, mission, operation, past and up-coming programmes.

Biro members Alvin Lee CDO Moyog,Bryan M Moyog PKR & Pemuda UPKOMojuntin said the purpose of the visit was to deliberate on certain issues related to citizenship and also to enhance ties with NRD.

“As one of the main objectives of the Bureau is to ensure only genuine Sabahans or those legally qualified for it are bestowed citizenship, it is only appropriate to build and foster a strong and practical working relationship with the NRD,” he said.

He added that the visit was also auspicious as it comes right after the Prime Minister’s announcement of his 11 people-friendly measures which include improvements to the process of registering births in Sabah and Sarawak, on the occasion of his 100th day in office.

Dtk Patrick Sindu, Goven Lasung, Aldem Chia, Datin Dr. Jainah Sintian & NRD officialsAlso present were Upko Vice President, Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap, Upko Secretary Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau as well as Upko wing leaders Arthur Sen and Datin Dr Jainna Sintian. Among the Bureau members present were NGO activist Datuk Patrick Sindu and Persatuan Peranakan Ranau Chairman, Aldem Chia.

According to Mojuntin, the bureau had been receiving numerous grievances and complaints related to citizenship.

Tailin Moinon Ligunjang and the rest at Q&A session“These problems stem from non and late registrations of births, being born outside Sabah before Malaysia Day, marriages with foreigners and a myriad of other situations.

“This issue of citizenship, especially in Sabah, is one of the few fundamental problems that need to be sorted out for the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia concept to be achieved, he said.

“We must remember that most of these relevant applicants have family members who are citizens. If their respective problem is not dealt with efficiently, it will not only disillusion the applicants themselves but their family members and friends will also lose confidence in the government’s delivery system and perhaps, the integrity of the government. It would be like a negative pyramid effect.”

Jaffear commended the effort of the Upko Bureau and welcomed any helping hand to assist the NRD, especially from elected representatives whether State or Parliament.

“The NRD is open to all constructive suggestions from any party as this will improve our department’s efficiency,” he said.

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More leaders back three DCMs systems

Two Barisan Nasional (BN) component Parties in Sabah yesterday shot down UPKO Youth Chief Arthur Sen’s claim that the current system of three Deputy Chief Ministers (DCMs) in Sabah does not reflect the ‘1Malaysia’ concept.
MCA Sabah Liaison Committee Deputy Chairman Datuk Paul Kong when contacted for comments on Arthur’s statement, said his personal opinion was for the status quo to be maintained as it had served the State well and had been in place for a long time.
Kong who is also a MCA Central Committee Member and the MCA Penampang Division Chairman, said the three DCMs system reflected the three major races in Sabah just the same as in Sarawak.
“If it is to be reduced to one DCM, then the question is who will be the one to make sacrifice because in politics, everybody fights for more, not for less,” he said.
According to him, the State leaders should not be politicking too much on this issue and instead concentrate on their efforts to help Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman in reviving the state and country’s economy.
When the economy is doing well, most of the problems will become non-issues because everybody will be busy and preoccupied with making money, Kong stressed.
“Again, my most sincere advice to all is to respect our present system, to indulge in less politicking and to stand behind PM and CM to improve our economy,” he said.
Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Vice President Herbert Timbun Lagadan also support Sabah UMNO Assistant Secretary Datuk Masidi Manjun’s view on the issue.
“I support Masidi’s contention that it is good to have three DCMs as it reflects the State’s unique community groups,” the Assistant Minister of Community Service and Consumer Affair said.
Having three DCMs, Herbert pointed out, is more sensible and better reflection of fairness to the major community group in Sabah rather than having the two-year rotation of Chief Minister continued.
“If ‘1Malaysia’ can be equality and fair opportunity for all the different races in Sabah, having three DCMs is a more practical solution to fulfill the desire of each community to put up its representative as the CM of Sabah.
“I am not convinced that the UPKO Youth Chief’s stand on the three DCMs reflect the stand of the party’s UPKO leadership,” he said.

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We should only have one political party: Jeffrey

DR jefPKR vice president Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan suggested that the Barisan Nasional (BN) re-look at the need to have racial-based political parties in the country.

“What does 1Malaysia mean? It is a concept where everybody is equal and they respect each other,” he said, adding that having only one political party for Malaysians would be the way to promote the 1Malaysia concept.

Jeffrey said this when asked to comment on UPKO Youth Chief Arthur Sen’s statement alleging that the Sabah Cabinet which has 3 Deputy Chief Ministers, does not reflect the  1Malaysia concept.

 Jeffrey said,” On one level I agree with the statement but on the other level I question the root of the problem which is promoting racial-based political parties”

 There should be only one political party which is based on the people’s ideology so there are more Ministers to look after the interest of everyone instead of a particular community, he said.

“This means no Umno, MCA, UPKO or MIC. That would be better and there is no discrimination,” he stressed.

Meanwhile Sen made clarification to his earlier statement. He pointed out that the one DCM concept was done before the PBS rule and all the states, except Sabah, Sarawak and Penang, practice the one DCM concept.

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3 DCMs good for State: Masidi Manjun

masidi_manjunTourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun totally disagreed that having three Deputy Chief Ministers in the State Cabinet is not a reflection of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia concept.

 Responding to the statement of UPKO Youth Chief Arthur Sen yesterday, Masidi said that it is good to have three DCMs as it reflected the State unique community groups.

“The 3 DCMs reflect that we have our own local community representatives” he said, adding that all three DCMs have their own responsibility in serving their communities.

“So the question of wasting the taxpayer’s money does not arise,” he said during launching of Craft Exotica 2009 at the Sabah Museum here.

 Yahya when asked to comment on the statement, he said it was Arthur’s opinion.

“In this democratic country, we are all entitled to voice our own opinions or comments. I do not make any comment” he said after launching the FAMA Induction Course at the National Public Administration Campus here.

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Reduce DCM post to one, Why UMNO automatically become Sabah BN Youth Head without consultation?: UPKO Youth

Arthur Sen UPKO Youth Head & Lim AntukaSabah Cabinet which has three Deputy Chief Ministers (DCMs), does not reflect Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s concept of 1Malaysia.

United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusun Murut Organization (UPKO) Youth Chief Arthur Sen said at the moment, there is a DCM to look after the needs of particular community, namely Datuk Seri Yahya Hussin serving the Muslim Bumiputeras, Datuk Seri Panglima Pairin Kitingan, serving the KadazanDusun Murut community and Raymond Tan for Chinese.

 “So there is already the sentiment that the DCM only serve one particular community and this message is not good for the 1Malaysia concept” Arthur said. He was of opinion that the 1Malaysia concept could be better serve if there is only one DCM in Sabah which was the system during past Governments such before the Parti Bersatu Sabah rules.

 Arthur pointed out that having 3 DCMs not only does not reflect the 1Malaysia concept but also a waste of ‘tax-payers’ money. Should the CM decide to do away the three DCM posts, he said a non-Muslim Bumiputera should be appointed as the new DCM because the CM is from the Muslim Bumiputera community.

 On the appointment of Azman Ruslan as Sabah Umno Youth Chief, Arthur said he welcomed the decision by the movement‘s National Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin.

He however disagreed with the fact that Azman was automatically appointed as the Sabah BN Youth Movement Chief.

“Khairy should have consulted the BN component parties’ Youth movements as they may have their own leaders to be recommended for the post”

Arthur also suggested that Azman be referred to as the UMNO Sabah Youth Movement Liaison Chairman which is the same as how the State Central Liaison Committee Chairman are referred to.

Related Article

Kota Kinabalu: Newly-appointed Sabah Umno Youth chief Azman Ruslan plans to hold more meetings with Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth leaders.

Met at Terminal Two upon his return from Kuala Lumpur, Monday, he said he intends to practise the concept of discussion with colleagues in Sabah BN Youth.

“I believe that through discussions, we would be able to resolve issues and problems,” he said.

On Upko deputy Youth chief Masiung Banah’s call for him to pay more attention to people in the interior, he said as head of Sabah BN Youth, his role covers all the people in Sabah.

“But I am positive as to what he (Masiung) has proposed,” he said, adding that it is very obvious that the interior faces a lot of shortages. He would convene a meeting soon with Sabah BN Youth leaders.

At the same time, Azman said they would invite BN Youth leader Khairy Jamaludin to come to Sabah to make good on what he had promised for the State.

As Sabah Umno Youth chief, his objective is to assist the BN Government to be further strengthened.

He also aims to be the voice of the people and that to achieve it, the 24 Umno Youth division chiefs in the State would be mobilised.

“I want the machinery and division chiefs to become the samurai for Umno as requested by Khairy,” he said.

Umno Youth, he said should become the backbone of the people and party where it implements the vision and objective underlined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in his “One Malaysia: People First, Performance Now” concept.

Azman said his duty as Sabah Umno Youth chief and Sabah BN Youth chief is a big challenge but that he is confident with the support and strength from Sabah BN Youth, he would be able to execute his duty with responsibility and determination.

“We would be going into the villages to take note of the people’s welfare and hardship,” he said.

The time has come for less politicking, he said, adding that the people’s welfare is paramount. Azman, 39, who is married with six children, is from Gerakan Daya Wawasan of Kampung Bayangan.

He became active in politics starting 2004 when he was elected Keningau Umno Youth chief, a position he maintained until now.

He obtained his law degree from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa and Masters degree in political science from Hillsbrough University. He is a practising lawyer and has his own law firm.


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Kursus Penanaman Lada Padi

dsc00002Kursus Penanaman Lada anjuran Biro Keusahawanan Pergerakan Pemuda UPKO Nasional & Jabatan Pertanian telah diadakan di Penampang baru-baru ini.Kursus ini bertujuan untuk menambah pengetahuan di kalangan pemuda Kadazandusun Murut berkenaan penanaman lada padi secara komersil. 

Inisietif ini telah dibuat atas dasar pergerakan pemuda mahu masyarakat KDM lebih fokus kearah keusahawanan. Ini juga berikutan meningkatnya permintaan lada secara domestik dan peningkatan harga lada padi ke paras RM25 sekilo hari ini. Maklumat terkini, sebuah syarikat di 1 Borneo kota Kinabalu menawarkan pembelian sehingga RM50 sekilo lada padi bertujuan untuk kormesil.Untuk rekod Satu hektar tanah mampu menghasilkan purata 5 hingga 10 tan cili padi setahun.



Seorang penanam berjaya, mantan YB Philip Lasimbang telah dijemput untuk menyempurnakan majlis perasmian ini. Beliau sendiri menanam lada padi menggunakan teknologi ‘fertigation’ yang dibeli beliau sendiri di Kuala Lumpur beberapa bulan yang lepas. Sambil menyeru agar pribumi Sabah harus mengambil peluang dibidang pertanian dan penternakan, berikutan secara kasar,Malaysia masih lagi mengimpot lebih 100 tan lada setahun dari Negara Thai. Ini ditambah lagi dengan perlantikan Sabahan YB Tan Sri Bernard Dompok yang telah mengetuai kementerian PIC.


3 orang penceramah dari Jabatan Pertanian Tuaran, telah datang memberikan topik menarik berkenaan makluk perosak dan keuntungan yang bakal dijana bagi sesiapa yang berhasrat menanam cili padi.



Seramai 45 pemuda Kadazandusun Murut dari pelusuk negeri telah hadir ke kursus ini. Rata-rata pemuda datang sejauh Keningau, Kota Marudu, Kuala Penyu dan Sipitang. Lawatan ke halaman rumah mantan YB juga telah dibuat bagi melihat sendiri bagaimana cara-cara beliau mengusahakan penanam lada padi.

Oleh : GDJ



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