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Kadazandusun language elevated

MOHD PUAD ZARKASHIKota Kinabalu: Students in Sabah will soon be able to learn the Kadazandusun Language up to Form Five.

Sabah Education Department Director, Datuk Normah Gagoh, said the Curriculum Development Division of the Education Ministry has drafted a curriculum for the teaching and learning of the language up to that level.

“The department, on the other hand, has organised various professional training courses for those teachers involved in the implementation of the teaching in this language É all these efforts are meant to develop a human capital with Malaysian identity,” she said.

She said the Ministry as well as the department in Sabah have placed a strong commitment to the expansion of the Kadazandusun Language since it was first introduced.

Normah said this at the two-in-one launching of a Kadazandusun Language Colloquium and a Puralan Boros Kadazandusun Id Sikul (Development direction for the teaching and learning of Kadazandusun Language in School) Book at Le Meridien Hotel here Wednesday.

She said since the start of its implementation, the teaching and learning of the Kadazandusun Language has received positive response from the school administrators, teachers, students and parents.

She said presently 313 schools, including 53 secondary schools, throughout the State are offering this language as part of their curriculum.

“Some 736 teachers and 20,386 primary and secondary students are involved in the implementation of the teaching and learning of this language in schools,” she said.

Expecting the number to continue increasing, she said the department would require the full cooperation of such bodies as the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) as well as Kadazandusun Language Foundation (KLF).

She commended both the organisations for having contributed greatly to the implementation of the language.

The teaching and learning of the Kadazandusun Language was introduced at primary school level in 1997 and from there it was expanded in phases to higher levels of education.


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