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Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas bagged RM 25,000

jo-anna_004Although coming 2nd place in Bintang RTM 2009, Jo Ann Rampas bagged a grand total of  RM25,000 apart from being the most popular singer n best peformance RM5,000 each. First place only received RM20,000. I think she will go far. Congrats Jo Ann! Congrats Sabah!


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Jordan Chandler LIED about ‘blow job’ Michael Jackson

jordy-chandlerTwo days after the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s death, an truly sickening news broke out. Jordan Chandler, the child who claimed that Michael Jackson molested him in 1993, went out in public to admit that he LIED. Yes, Jordan Chandler said in an interview that he was never molested by Michael Jackson. He just followed orders from his father Evan Chandler. The case of Jordan Chandler was settled outside court with $20 million. Jordan Chandler said that his conscience was haunting him following the death of the man whose career he destroyed by telling a lie.

Jordan Chandler said that he and his father, Evan Chandler, only did this lies to escape out of poverty. Evan Chandler ordered Jordan Chandler to tell a psychiatrist that he was molested. This maybe the most disgusting lie I have ever heard off. Evan and Jordan Chandler should be put to jail!


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Selsema Babi atau Babi Flu oleh Dr Rais



Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi Dan Kebudayaan Rais Yatim mengesakan selsema Babi adalah penyakit yang membahayakan, beliau tidak mengunakan istilah H1N1 tetapi mencipta istilah baru “Selsema babi’ .
Pihak media prima , RTM Tv tiga suku, Radio TV … semua DJ dan pengacara diwajidkan menggunakan istilah ciptaan Rais Yatim supaya H1N1 digantikan dengan istilah `Selsema babi’, katanya istilah selsema babi boleh memperincikan fahaman untuk orang orang kampong.

Apakah pengertian yang terselindung dlam pengguanaan istilah ciptaannya?
1- Cuba mengelirukan rakyat malaysia , kononnya penyakit ini datang dari BABI
2- Babi dijadikan senjata untuk mempromosikan sikap perkauman antara kaum tionghua dengan golongan beragama Islam.
3- Babi di jadikan bahan lepas geram akibat kekalahan BN dalam tsunami 308 segala bencana akan ditanggung oleh Babi
4- Boleh dikatakan kaum Tionghua ramai yang terlibat dalam kegiatan penternak babi. Sekiranya Rais Yatim dengan niat hati buruk dan bekerjasama dengan Melayu Hipokrik lakukan kacau bilau terhadap penternak babi untuk mengambil tindakan membunuh babi, penternak Babi akan mengalami kerugian yang besar.

Walaupun Rais Yatim salah seorang cerdikiawan yang mempunyai kelayakan PHD, namun otak dan pemikiran tidak kurang sama dengan khinzir, Dia memahami kesensitiviti kaum lain di negara ini, tetapi kenapa hendak mengelirukan rakyat dan cuba memberikan gambaran bahawa selsema babi adalah penyakit dari babi, babi adalah agen penyebar utama…. Tanyakanlah Rais apakah tujuan beliau untuk memalukan kementarian kesihatan , Khasnya Menteri Kesihatan menanggung malu berapakah beratnya juta tan metrik yang di buangkan oleh menteri berotak tahi babi?

Cubalah kita fikirankan kalaulah Rais Yatim bertugas sebagai doktor perubatan, maka beliau akan suruh hospital hospital kerajaan suntikkan ubat babi untuk penyakit H1N1, bagi beliau penyakit haiwan dan penyakit manusia adlaah sama sahaja., ubat suntikan haiwan boleh digunakan oleh manusia juga!!.


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Law reforms when one spouse converts to Islam: some solutions?

loyar-burok-01Islamic law cannot be implemented on those who do not profess Islam. Islamic law and the Syariah Courts must never interfere in any matter in which a non Muslim is involved or which involves non Islamic law matters.

Syariah Courts must only exercise jurisdiction where

    1. ALL parties are persons professing the religion of Islam, and

    2. the matter is a matter of Islamic personal law as expressly legislated by State Assembly, AND

    3. the State Assembly has the power to make such legislation under Item 1 of the State legislative list in the 9th Schedule of the Federal Constitution.

In my view, the Federal Court decisions in Latifah bte Mat Zin v Rosmawati binti Sharibun & Anor [2007] 5 MLJ 101 and Abdul Kahar bin Ahmad v Kerajaan Negeri Selangor (Kerajaan Malaysia, Intervener) & Anor [2008] 3 MLJ 617 have confirmed that the above is the law. Arguments that Syariah Courts somehow have jurisdiction over everything and anything so long as it touches on Islam must now be rejected. We shall see if that actually happens.

Civil Courts must be restored their full judicial power. Civil Court Judges must be especially careful to show that they are deciding these cases without a bias towards the Islamic authorities. The perception now, rightly or wrongly, is that a non Muslim does not get a fair hearing in these situations.

The civil Courts must exercise their supervisory jurisdiction over Syariah Courts which transgress their boundaries. Due respect must be accorded to Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution in cases where the Syariah Courts are genuinely vested with jurisdiction and have made a decision. The intention of Article 121(1A), according to Tun Mahathir when moving the Constitutional amendment that gave birth to it, was to prevent Muslim couples who were dissatisfied with Syariah Court orders running to the civil courts to challenge it. It was not meant to immunize the Syariah Court and to allow it to run roughshod over the Constitutional limits on its jurisdiction.

Marriage rights. Either party should be able to petition a civil Court for divorce if one converts to Islam. This is a huge concession by the non Muslim community, given that it is now an easy way for a husband to get a divorce and given the cultural stigma attached to divorced women.

All relief due to a non converting spouse must be determined by civil Courts according to civil law and not Islamic law. There should be no attempt to introduce Islamic law through the back door by making amendments in the civil law, e.g. by creating different provisions or different limitations for women whose husbands convert to Islam. Creating a situation where different rules apply to divorces where a husband converts to Islam will certainly be interpreted as meaning that different principles apply, and it will be a short step to then say Islamic law principles are to be applied. This will then be an incentive to recalcitrant husbands to convert to Islam, and therefore avoid their obligations. It will also not provide a just solution to the families involved.

Children. Both parents must decide religion of children until the child attains 18 and can decide for him or herself. It must be clearly stated that there can be no ‘automatic’ conversion, and it must be clearly provided for that both parents must consent if a child is to be converted to Islam, with explicit recognition that the child can choose his or her own religion in due course.

In many matters relating to the custody and care of children, the discretion is ultimately left to the Court to decide in situations where the parents cannot decide. But in this case, if the Court orders that the child be raised a Muslim or be converted to Islam, under Malaysian law as it now stands the child will never be able to revert to his or her former religion and the other parent will not be able to give the child instruction in their own religion, negating their parental rights.

The position in international human rights law can also be considered. That is that the child decides in accordance with his or her evolving capacity, subject to the right of the parents to give instruction in their own faiths. But this can only work if there are no prohibitions on the child changing his or her religion later in life.

Inheritance rights should not be lost just because of conversion. The Baitulmaal (the fund kept by the Islamic authorities to be distributed for the general welfare of Muslims) or certain Muslim family members alone cannot unjustly enrich themselves. That this is the current position is seen in the case of Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan v Lim Ee Seng & Yg Lain [2000] 2 AMR (20) 2062, HC.

The Distribution Act 1958 should be reformed so that it applies, subject to Muslim family members of the convert taking their share and then distributing it according to Islamic inheritance laws (called faraid).

The convert can make a will disinheriting his non Muslim family. However, this must be subject to the Inheritance (Family Provisions) Act 1971 which must be amended to allow non Muslim dependant family members to apply to Court for monies out of the estate of the deceased convert.

EPF and Insurance nominations and Pension rights must not be lost just because of the conversion

Conversion into and out of Islam should be a painless process, without the requirement of permission or any penal sanction. There should be a simple notification procedure under the National Registration Act for notification of conversions.

No permission from any party should be required either for conversion into Islam or conversion out of Islam. However, a procedure requiring a notification to family members is welcome. Safeguards must be put in place within civil law and through the civil Courts to ensure that all obligations of the convert are fulfilled.

However, conversion either way cannot be an excuse to evade one’s obligations under the previous law governing your personal status. The Federal Court refused to allow the 4 followers of Ayah Pin to escape criminal prosecutions in the Syariah Courts because they had renounced Islam, ruling that at the time they committed the offences there was no dispute that they still professed themselves to be Muslim: Kamariah binti Ali & Lain-lain lwn Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan & Satu Lagi [2005] 1 MLJ 197, FC

Similarly, converts into Islam should also not be allowed to evade their obligations under the law.

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No wonder Malaysia A (H1N1) cases are on the rise

Swine FluThe Star

I WAS made to understand, through media reports, that health screening has been put in place at all entry points into the country. To my disappointment, this is not true!

Last Sunday, my colleagues and I returned from Singapore via the Second Link. At the Tuas checkpoint, we cleared Immigration and Customs. However, there was no health screening on the thousands who entered Malaysia via the checkpoint.

This was in total contrast with what we experienced when we entered Singapore. The authorities there did their parts right.

The Malaysian authorities need to buck up or we will be faced with more people coming down with the A (H1N1) influenza.


Kuala Lumpur.

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Residents want Seri Delima rep to quit

GEORGE TOWN: Residents of Kampung Buah Pala – popularly known as the state’s High Chaparral – have called for the resignation of Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer and for a by-election to be held.

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association secretary J. Steven said Rayer did not deserve to be their assemblyman as he had failed to fulfil his pledge to help them solve their problems.

The residents are facing the possibility of being evicted from their homes within weeks after the Federal Court ruled in the developer’s favour recently.

“He had promised us that our village would be safe and that it would be over his dead body that the village would be taken away from us.

“But now, he’s avoiding us and whenever we request for a meeting with the Chief Minister, he tells us that the Chief Minister is not free to meet us,” Steven said at a gathering of some 30 residents, who protested in front of Rayer’s house in Tingkat Tembaga, Island Park, last night.

Association chairman M. Sugumaran said the residents also wanted to seek advice and an explanation from Rayer on why he had failed to inform them about a writ of possession dated July 2 issued to them.

He said George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abdul Hamid had informed the residents that they were to vacate the village by July 2.

“We were advised not to disturb the court bailiff or to cause any trouble on that day.”

Sugumaran said the residents felt betrayed by both the previous and the present state governments as nothing had been done to help the residents.

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Michael Jackson dikebumi secara Islam ?

Michael Jackson IslamLOS ANGELES – Raja Pop Michael Jackson akan disemadi dalam majlis pengebumian terbesar sepanjang sejarah dunia hiburan sekali gus mengalahkan pengebumian Elvis Presley dan James Brown, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Berpuluh-puluh ribu peminat dijangka menghadiri majlis itu yang diramal sehebat pengebumian Puteri Diana.

Walaupun pengumuman mengenainya masih belum dibuat, Michael dijangka disemadi mengikut ajaran Islam berdasarkan pengumuman abangnya, Jermaine.

“Semoga Allah sentiasa bersama anda,” kata Jermaine ketika mengumumkan kematian adiknya kelmarin. 

Michael Jackson AbdullahMichael yang mesra dikenali sebagai Jacko sebelum ini seorang penganut mazhab Kristian Jehovah dilapor memeluk Islam dalam satu majlis di kediaman seorang rakannya, Steve Porcaro di Los Angeles hujung tahun lalu yang turut dihadiri penyanyi popular Yusuf Islam dan beberapa rakan lain.

“Seorang imam dipanggil dan Michael kemudian melafazkan dua kalimah syahadah,” kata satu sumber.

Menurutnya, Michael memilih untuk menggunakan nama Mikaeel sempena nama salah satu malaikat dalam Islam.

Penyanyi berusia 50 tahun itu dilapor memeluk Islam setelah menunjukkan minat mendalam terhadap agama suci itu susulan bimbingan pertubuhan Islam utama di Amerika Syarikat, Nation Of Islam (NOI) yang diasaskan olehWallace D. Fard Muhammad pada 1930 selain tunjuk ajar abangnya, Jermaine yang memeluk Islam pada 1989.

“Sekembalinya saya dari Mekah, saya memberikan beberapa buku tentang Islam kepada Michael dan dia banyak bertanya soalan mengenai ajaran tersebut lalu saya berkata kepadanya, Islam adalah indah dan mententeramkan,” kata Jermaine. – Agensi

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